Just a Little Introduction

Hey everyone!

I have been wanting to start a blog like this forever.  The summer before I started attending the University of my choosing, my nail polish collection grew exponentially.  And by exponentially I mean…it grew from about 20 bottles of polish to about 100.  Some may call it crazy…I call it genius.  I now keep all of my polishes in a huge Sterilite box – one of those ones with the snap on lid.*  I paint my nails at least once a week.  I would love to paint them more often, but I’m extremely busy this semester with 18 units and 2 jobs.  Maybe this blog will be an inspiration for me to paint them more often!

I follow a lot of different nail blogs to get idea for my nails.**  My absolute favorite nail brand (right now) is OPI.  I love their dark colors, like Lincoln Park After Dark, Russian Navy, and Black Cherry Chutney.  Those are my go to colors.  Amazing.  I also love China Glaze, Sally Hansen, Wet n Wild, Milani, Essie, Sinful Colors…okay basically anything!  I’ll try anything.

I’m a big makeup fanatic as well.  I will try any eyeshadow, eye liner, blush, anything!  Spending a few hours at Ulta, Sephora, or even Walgreens is totally normal for me.  If you ever have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let me know!  I’m willing to try anything.

So some more personal information…I’m a second year student at a University studying to get a degree in Elementary Education.  It’s a very rigorous program because my University has a four-year guarantee, which I think is worth it.  I have two real sisters, a step sister, and about eighty sorority sisters so my nail polish and make-up never goes to waste.

I really hope this blog can serve as a place for my personal expression and for others to drop by and leave their feedback!  I want it to be a place where beauty gurus can chat with each other and share reviews and experiences.  It’s hard to find someone around campus with a passion for polish like me, and I know there’s hundreds of you guys online.  Here’s to beauty blogging!  🙂

* While moving back to campus after winter break I accidentally dropped my Box of Beauties and the tub cracked.  😦  I should probably find a new way to store them!

** I’ll post something soon with a list of all my favorites!

2 thoughts on “Just a Little Introduction

  1. Hey!!! Welcome to the beauty blogging world! 🙂 I’m pretty new, too- I’ve only had mine up for about 3 months, but it’s a lot of fun. I like that you want people to communicate and share ideas on here, cuz that’s what I want for my blog too (much like Mary has made out of Swatch and Learn). I really prefer beauty blogs that are conversational and welcoming to those elitist ones that may have nice content but never reply to their comments, answer questions, etc. I look forward to seeing more of your posts! 🙂
    PS: I went to school for elementary ed, too! I went on to get my Master’s and am a couple years out of grad school. Aren’t kids just the BEST pick-me-up? And they just LOVVVVE us teachers with some style and cute nails 😉

  2. Hey Nicole!!! Thank you! Communicating is definitely the most fun part, sharing ideas and tips and tricks! And I agree, I don’t like when people just blog and blog and blog and don’t take the time out for their readers! 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog! And yes!!! Kids are the best. 🙂 We will definitely be the cutest teachers around!

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