Nail Bliss Bling Appliques Review

I really hate starting off my blog with a review of a product I didn’t really love, but you have to start somewhere, right?

So I stopped by Sally’s Beauty Supply a few weeks ago and bought these super adorable nail stickers.  I have tried a few Sally Hansen ones (which I absolutely love) and so I figured they all must work the same.  The ones I chose were “Black Jewels”.  They come in a pack of 18 strips, which is a lot!  Here is a general picture I found online since I didn’t think to take a picture of mine before I tore them open with excitement.

So I chose to use these cuties on Bid Day for Formal Recruitment.  I had painted my nails to match my dress for Preference Morning, and I needed a quick change for the afternoon.

So after applying a base coat (which I thought was strange for nail strips), the first problem I encountered was sizing: a lot of the stickers were too narrow for my nails.  I’ll take the blame for that one though, sounds like a personal problem.  Secondly, these appliques were super thick, especially because they are covered in little rhinestones that actually pop off of the nail.  This was a problem when I tried to file off the excess, but I read somewhere that you can trim them and then file them the rest of the way.  That sounds like a smart idea.

After finally getting them down to size and applying a top coat, I ran off to Bid Day and met my 100 new sisters.  Here is what the finished product looked like!

As you can see, they are totally adorable!  I got so many compliments and a lot of people that wanted to touch them.  They were a blast to wear.  Unfortunately, after just one day I couldn’t deal with the frayed and uneven ends that kept scratching my face.  I peeled them off and painted my nails regularly.

For $5.00, I would say these Bling Appliques were kind of worth it.  They weren’t my favorite, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt and maybe try them again.  Now that I know how they work, I know what to pay attention to when applying them.  I think I will stick to my Sally Hansen nail strips, but these were so much fun for a quick, unique manicure.

Disclaimer: This item was not given to me for review.

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