Treat Your Skin with Everyday Minerals!

Almost all of my Everyday Minerals stuff!

I have been raving about this makeup for years, and still no one knows what it is.  These women deserved to be recognized so here is my RR&R (that’s rant, rave, and review, I’m officially coining that now)!

When mineral makeup started to become really popular, I was still having trouble with my skin.  I figured that trying an all natural mineral makeup might be best.  I spent the money on the Bare Minerals Get Started Kit and immediately put it to use.  Unfortunately, something did not agree with my skin and I had a very uncomfortable allergic reaction.  I’d like to insert a little disclaimer here and say that Bare Minerals has worked miracles on so many people, but like all products out there, there are some people that it just doesn’t work for.  🙂

In search of a great mineral makeup, I turned to the internet.  I’m not sure how I did it, but I found Everyday Minerals.  Their makeup is all natural, organic, and they don’t test on animals.  Could it really get any better?  Oh wait!  It can!

This site is literally the coolest thing ever.  They have awesome Try Me kits* that can help you find the correct color for your skin, especially because they have dozens of different shades!  This is super helpful because not everyone’s skin fits into five or six categories of color.  As if that wasn’t good enough, there are four different levels of coverage to choose from as well!  These range from the Original Glo Base for luminous lighter coverage to the Matte Base for no-shine full coverage!  As the site has grown and progressed, not only are they selling concealers and base colors, but they have expanded into lip colors, blushes, eye shadows, and more!  They have several concealers to choose from that can color correct or just cover dark circles, and they have brushes to match all of their products!

Golden Medium matte base - my perfect shade!

After finding my shade, I dove right in and ordered a base and a concealer.  I’ve been using this brand for probably about 3-4 years now and I can honestly say it has done wonders for my skin.  First of all, it truly did clear up my acne.  Now instead of always breaking out, I only have to deal with the occasional break out when I’m stressed (and for other reasons all my girls would understand 😉 ).  The bases are a bit pricey at $12 for their “Big” (which is actually just regular), but they last for about 3-5 months for me.  I guess it depends on how much product you use at once.

I would recommend (and do recommend) this product to everyone I know.  I can’t imagine myself ever using a different foundation for my skin than Everyday Minerals because it has treated me so kindly.  I actually just told me friend the other day, I don’t know what I would do if their website ever decided to shut down!  Please check out their website linked above and order yourself a Try Me Kit!  Who knows, it could be the best decision you have made for your skin in a long time.

*These kits are either free or one cent, I’ll have to double check!

Disclaimer: None of these products were sent to me for review.  Everything mentioned above was paid for personally.

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