Can You Wing It?

It’s classy, it’s sexy, it’s gorgeous…and it’s really really hard.

I’m talking about winged eyeliner. It’s a trend that I’ve seen everywhere, and every time I meet a girl sporting the classic wings I say, “Wow, I wish I could do that.”

The photo above is one I took from Heather Does Makeup , it’s a very well explained step-by-step I’m going to have to try next time I’m feeling daring.

I may be able to do teeny designs on nails with the precision of a surgeon, but for whatever reason, I can’t wing my eyeliner. I’ve gotten advice from friends, from beauty professionals, from Youtube, and from other beauty blogs, but no matter how hard I try I just can’t wing it. However, in my search for products that would help me with this look, I came across E.l.f.’s Liquid Eyeliner. I found mine at Target for…get this…$1.00. No, I’m not kidding.

What first drew me into this product was it’s price. I figured that I would buy something on the cheaper side so I could practice before spending more money on something more expensive. Little did I know that this product would be something I would love so much.

The quality of E.l.f.’s Liquid eyeliner is a little more on the watery side than anything else. I have to to wipe off the excess back into the bottle before I put it on my lid or else it ends up running into my eye and making me look like a freak with a black eyeball. I’m not lying. It spreads and covers the entire white part of your eye. Also, sometimes I have to do two coats of the liquid or just go over it with a pencil because I can still see my skin through the eyeliner

What I really love about this product is the shape of the brush. It’s kind of shaped like a raindrop, so if you use the tip you get a very thin line and if you lay it sideways as you swipe it across you get a thicker line. The brush stick (is that what you call it?)…the length of the handle is just long enough to be able to control with good precision.

For one dollar, I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone wanting to start using liquid eyeliner or anyone who is pinching pennies. It is a really great product! I can’t wait to try other E.l.f.’s products…I heard they have a matte nail polish! Has anyone seen it?!

What E.l.f. products do you want to try? Can you wing your eyeliner?!

2 thoughts on “Can You Wing It?

  1. I totally feel you! No matter how hard I try, I cannot wing my eyeliner or apply any kind of eyeliner for that matter. I have been on the search for an eyeliner that will stay put on my waterline. I have tried UD, MUFE, Smashbox and Stila pencils and they all disappear within minutes even though the are supposed to be waterproof. It’s so annoying! I think I am going to try some gel liners someone told me about and hope I get better results.

    As far as an easy to use liner, I hear that Lancome’s Artliner is the best. I also tried Stila’s Waterproof felt liner and really liked it. I felt it almost helped me achieve the winged look. I’ll have to try the ELF one because some of their products are excellent.

    • I wonder why waterproof eyeliner would wash off your water line so quickly! That is so strange! I have never tried gel liner, definitely let me know how it works! And I will look into that liquid eyeliner. Maybe a different kind of pen will help me make a wing! Thanks so much for always commenting, I get super excited when my posts are read in general! 🙂

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