Is This What Jelly Feels Like?

Happy Monday! I am so busy this week, it is not even funny! I’d love to do a really cute and fun (and not messy) manicure, but unfortunately the hours spent typing my life away for research papers have not been too nice to my hands. I had to cut all my nails off, and one of them painfully broke to a little stub. 😦 Last night, I slapped a really cute color on my nails just so they wouldn’t be naked! I just bought this color a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love it! It’s Orly’s “Fowl Play”.


It’s a dark purple jlly base with flecks that reflect different colors. So far I’ve seen orange, red, green, and purple! There’s probably more in there that I can’t see because I did such a quick late night paint job.


I think that this polish might be considered a jelly! I’m not too good with figuring out what categories polish might fall under. I’m trying though! The first coat is a little opaque, but after two coats it’s perfect! Of course, exhausted little me put three coats on and then went to bed, so as you can see on my little stubs below, there are what I like to call sleep wrinkles – little lines you get in your nail polish when it’s not completely dry and you fall asleep.


I also managed to scratch off a little piece on my middle finger. This is just a mess and the picture is horrible quality because I’m in my work office under the most unflattering lighting. I apologize, but I promised myself I would keep you up to date on my nails and this is what I’m sporting for the next few days! As soon as I get my three research projects turned in this week (I know, gross), I will give you a really cute design! Do you have any ideas for my next manicure? I’m sure my brain will be fried by the end of this week so I might need some help!

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