Oh, You Trendy, Huh?

Now I may not be a nail polish expert, but I shop for polish enough to know what’s in and what’s out.  I would never deem a certain type or color of nail polish “out”, more like under the radar, waiting to come out and have it’s turn in the spotlight again.

Spring has sprung, but where I live I can’t even tell.  At the moment it is gloomy and pouring rain and it is supposed to be that way all week.  I don’t mind the rain too much, but it isn’t too color inspiring for nail art!  Regardless, I have still been paying attention to what polishes are trendy for Spring 2012.  I’ve given up buying nail polish for lent (like I think I have said before) but I still check out what my local shops are currently selling every time I go shopping.  So here’s a little rundown of what I have noticed so far!

Nudes: Nudes have become extremely popular.  A lot of different shades fall into the category of “nude”, and they are all unique in their own way.

Photo Credit: http://www.zoya.com

However, nudes can be difficult to shop for.  Here is a collection featured on Zoya’s website.  It is called the “Touch Collection”, and it is made up of three different shades of nude – “Minka”, “Shay”, and “Pandora” (not in the same order as the image above).  This was a really smart idea on Zoya’s part, because with three different nudes most of their customers can find a shade that complements their skin tone.  I have not taken a dive into the “nude” pool yet, or should I say, gone skinny dipping.  My skin color is more of an olive/yellow shade so finding a polish that doesn’t look like someone got sick on my nails proves to be quite difficult.  I found this site though: Your Nude Nail Polish Guide and it has very detailed advice on how to find the perfect shade for your skin.  Have you gone into the “nude” territory yet?  What’s your favorite nude shade this spring?

Corals: This beautiful shade of orangey-pink is popping up everywhere.  I am constantly seeing it on runways, in stores, and even on other girls’ nails!  Depending on the shade you pick out, your coral could be bright and flashy or muted and pastel.  I think that Essie has a beautiful selection of corals.

Photo Credit: http://www.essie.com

This color is called “Tart Deco”.  I am trying to get my hands on this color as soon as I can.  It is a beautiful, light coral color that would complement tan spring/summer skin on anyone!

Photo Credit: http://www.essie.com

“Braziliant” is a bright coral that leans more toward the orange side of the spectrum.  I could also seen this on some super tan skin!

Photo Credit: http://www.essie.com

This cute pinky coral is called “Mango Bango”, and it’s another one that I want to own!

Photo Credit: http://www.essie.com

The brightest coral of the bunch: “Orange It’s Obvious”.  This is still considered a coral, even though it looks super orange.  This is perfect for the sunny weather, which I am looking forward to!

Teals and Pistachios: I am so happy to see this color really becoming more popular!  When I first starting really getting into nail polish, I strayed from blues and greens but now I can’t get enough of them!

This is my absolute favorite light blue, China Glaze’s “For Audrey”.  It’s a tiffany blue, which has a little bit of teal/green in it.  I love to layer it under glitters and flakes, but now that it’s Spring, I’ll be sporting it plain!

This is just the cutest Spring color ever!  Essie’s “Poised and Polished” just reminds me of a field of flowers!  It would be super cute under some hot pink and purple polka dots!

Hot Pinks and Neons: Hot pink always seems to be a trend in the Spring and Summer.  It’s basically a classic – a staple item for any nail polish lover!  If you don’t have a hot pink in your collection, I would highly recommend China Glaze’s “Pool Party”!

I have also seen a lot of neon yellow…not a color I plan on wearing anytime soon, but hey, there’s a time and a place for everything!

Effects: There are so many new polishes coming out that have special effects to them!  My favorite right now is Essie’s “Shine of the Times”, a flakie that changes colors in the sun!  This will definitely be something I might need to buy another bottle of during the summer…

I know this is from last fall’s Orly Mineral FX collection, but this is what I’m talking about.  Polishes that are just packed full of different shimmers and sparkles and things that make it unique!  This is “Rococo A Go Go”…and my Bucket of Polish list keeps growing.

One of the last trends I am going to talk about is the nail art trend.  This trend has been going on for a while and I don’t see it stopping any time soon.  It seems like everyday there is a new nail art trend that everyone is trying – from newspaper nails to half moons to ruffian…it’s never ending!  I am excited to see what emerges this spring with all of the bright and unique colors that are coming out!

I am completely aware that some of you may not agree with what I believe the Spring trends are this year, so this is where I want to hear what you have to say!  What do you think the trends are for this Spring?  What colors will you be wearing, regardless of if they’re “in” or “out”?  Let me know!

P.S.  Keep your eyes out tomorrow for a new nail art tutorial!  I’ve been planning this one all week! 🙂

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