A Night of Disappointment

Funny title, huh? It’s not what you think. Even though that would probably be more entertaining than what I’m about to tell you.

The only time I can ever find to paint my nails is the time right before I go to bed. This is bad for many reasons. If I fall asleep before my nails are dry, I’ll get those sleep lines that just ruin the entire manicure. My eyes are already tired from focusing all day on reading and computers, so focusing on little nail designs can be difficult. And the worst – if I don’t like what I do on my nails and have to take it off, I don’t have time to polish them again because I have to sleep for class early in the morning. This is exactly what happened to me last night.

Like I mentioned in my OPI Germany Collection blog post, I had been planning a cool nail design for you all that I wanted to post by Thursday or Friday. Well…I kept getting a lot of compliments on my Vintage Rose nails and I almost felt guilty taking them off, so I waited until I was completely fed up with the wear and the growing out to take it off. This just happened to be last night at about 11 o’clock. I went through many ideas, trashing the nail design I had originally planned, and finally decided on galaxy nails.

I don’t think I even need to describe what they looked like. I don’t know if it was my technique, the colors I chose, or just my imagination, but they came out terrible. I deleted all the photos I had taken of my progress, but I wish I had saved at least one to show you. Do you have any advice on how to do galaxy nails and make them look decent? I tried the make-up sponging and I used a black background, orange, blue, silver, and magenta sponging, but it just looked like a mess.

I was throughly disappointed because by this time it was 12:15 a.m. and I was exhausted. I got into bed with naked nails (which I absolutely hate) and I remembered the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips I had in my box! I tore them open and slapped them on my nails. The box comes with two sealed packages of nail strips, and let me just say that if you open a package just to do an accent nail, those other nail strips are as good as gone. They were dried out and completely useless. What a waste. Luckily, I had one package left and I made it work. There are a very large variety of sizes to choose from, so I didn’t have a problem finding the perfect size for my little nails (I’m sure if I had two complete packages, it would be even easier). I even got away with using one nail strip for two nails, very carefully ripping it off of one nail and quickly putting it on another. This is a really good idea if you plan on using the strips quickly, and by that I mean as soon as one manicure starts to wear off you immediately change it with the polish strips again.

So right now I have zebra print nails – a design I can’t do by hand. However, these Sally Hansen strips are a little too busy for my taste. If I were to do zebra print by hand, it would not be as crazy as these. But that is just me, some people really love eye-catching zebra nails! I was dying to wear Essie’s “Shine of the Times”, so I put it over my zebra nails, but this design will probably be coming off soon.


Overall, I absolutely love the Sally Hansen nail strips. They come in so many designs that couldn’t be done by hand and look so clean, and they also come in plain colors or glitters that you could use in a jiffy! They are extremely easy and quick to apply, and I never have any problems (unless they are dried out). I will see how long these last for, seeing as I have only had them on for a very short time right now!

What do you guys do when you hate your nail design and have no time to change it? Do you have a quick go-to design? Also, if you have used the Sally Hansen Salon Effects, have you found a way to make them last longer? What is your favorite design that they have to offer?

One thought on “A Night of Disappointment

  1. I haven’t tried any of the many nail strips out there. Mostly I am worried that I would blow through the whole box and just ruin it all. You did a good job with them. It is a pretty flashy look!

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