French Moon Manicure

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I finally found time to do my nails tonight, and let me just say I love how they came out. Because it’s getting sunnier outside, I really did try to go out of my comfort zone and use Essie’s “Mesmerize” instead of a dark color. It is a really beautiful color, but I am still not feeling it.


I was going to throw some “Shine of the Times” over it, but I thought of something even better. Remember the half moon manicure? And I’m sure we are all familiar with the french manicure? Well…let’s call this the French Moon. I really hope I just invented a new name for this technique. So instead of using a hole reinforcer on the bottom of my nail, I used a piece of masking tape to cover a straight edged section.


I used a gun metal grey color from Ulta, “Glam Session”, and painted the uncovered area.  It’s dark, but still has a pop of color!  I really love how this came out and I’m excited that I found a new technique that I didn’t know before!


I can’t wait to use this technique with different colors and maybe even some glitter!  What colors would you use?  What do you think would look cool?  Maybe adding some polka dots or stripes along where the color changes?

Have a wonderful week! Hopefully I can find some more time to do a silly Easter manicure before the weekend!
BY THE WAY: Easter = lent over = free to buy nail polish!  WOO!

3 thoughts on “French Moon Manicure

  1. This creates a really smart look,quite cute 🙂 I agree, adding little white polka dots along the change line, or even across the entire bottom color would be really cool!

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