Modern Cheetah

I am in love.

In love with Essie’s “Tart Deco”. It’s funny how a polish can come into your life and just…change it.

I’m totally kidding. About the life-changing part, not about the being in love with Tart Deco. As you know if you read my posts often, I’ve had Tart Deco on my nails all week. I wore it plain for two days and absolutely fell in love. I put Shine of the Times on top and wore that for two days, and I actually preferred it plain! Then I was roaming around the internet and I came across a picture of a manicure I just had to do.

I have always loved cheetah print manicures, but on Pretty Little Liars, Hanna wore it in a really different way – she sported some red nails with two gold cheetah accent nails on each hand. Well. Why the heck not.

First, I’d like to introduce some of my new best friends.


These little beauties came off of  I am so excited to see how many things I can do with them!  I’ve been using bobby pins for as long as I can remember, so these will come in handy!  I used these for my Modern Cheetah Manicure.


Start with a base coat!  I just got this new Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Base & Top Coat, and this is the first time I am using it!  I’ll let you know what I think of it later.  The only thing that I have to say about it right now is that it seemed to have a very slight yellow tint to it.  I am not sure if it’s just my lighting, but it made my nails look a little strange!  If it works well though, I don’t mind at all.


Bam.  Beautiful.  This is three coats of Tart Deco.  It is a little opaque and streaky, so you do have to work with it and make sure you have even coverage.  I don’t mind though, I have patience for this color because I absolutely love it.  Someone even said my hands looked tan!  I think that means this color complements my skin.


Okay.  This is my right hand, hence the horrible job and my inability to trim my cuticles.  I am definitely going to get them professionally done.  I am also going to invest in a very nice lotion, and I will start religiously using cuticle butter.  Using a dotting tool (or anything else you’re comfortable with), make randomly shaped ovals in random places on your nail.  A lot of randomness – it does not have to be perfect.  For this gold, I used Revlon’s “Copper Penny”.  It’s a lot more copper in person, like a shiny new penny!  I love it and have worn it alone before.


After you have your gold spots, using a smaller sized dotting tool (or again, anything you want) make thin black lines around the spots.  What I find is best is to outline some of them using one line that wraps around and others using two lines.  If there are any weird open spaces, just put a little black spot!  The trick to making it look like a cheetah – don’t close the black all the way around the copper!  So on my left hand I put cheetah on my first finger and my pinky.


And on my right hand I put it on my thumb and ring finger!

I am totally in love with this manicure.  I am so glad that I decided to try out my new dotting tools because they worked out so perfectly!  Top it off with a top coat and you’re good to go!  This design goes over (literally) any color, and you could even use two colors like Hanna did.  You could also put cheetah print on every other nail, or on every one if you’d like!


This was the weather today at my University.  This is a table on the patio of my sorority house…covered in hail.
Craziness.  Definitely not spring weather.  I like it, but today was just crazy.  Even walking from class to the house was a battle.

How was the weather where you live today?  What color would you use under this Modern Cheetah manicure?  Do you love Tart Deco as much as I do?!  Wow!  By the way, if you have any ideas for a tutorial post, let me know down below!

5 thoughts on “Modern Cheetah

  1. I love this! I need to try cheetah print again, my first couple attempts were fails in my eyes. Yours looks really good! I ordered Tart Deco, been waiting for it forever! i think it should be here early next week though, very excited!

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