In Love With Lace

I’m not sure if this is a trend anymore, but I don’t really mind.  Lace…to me…is in.

I’m not really a big fan of tank tops and strapless shirts.  I’m not sure exactly why, but I have just never found anything that I like.  Maybe it’s because I have broad shoulders.  Hmm.

This is one of the reasons why I love lace so much.  It can be short sleeved, quarter length sleeved, or long sleeved, but it still has a ton of breathing room because it’s lace.  Not only is it perfect for warm weather, but it is just plain classy.  It can be dressed down and casual enough to wear to class, or dressed up and romantic enough for a first date.  It’s so versatile and chic, and that is why I love it!

Here are a few of my favorite lace pieces so far this season:

Found this one on Tumblr. If anyone knows where it's from, let me know please!

This is a piece that can be worn so many different ways.  You could wear it anytime, anywhere because the material is breathable.  You could pair this with jeans and boots, shorts and heels, or even tuck it into a plain colored skirt.  As for what goes underneath, a cream colored tank top or any color bandeau you are daring enough to wear!

This skirt is absolutely adorable.  I love how it is worn here with a long sleeved, beige shirt.  It doesn’t distract from the lace on the skirt, which is perfect.  This would definitely be something I would wear to a nice day on the town with some friends or even maybe on a lunch date.  Pair it with some nude heels or brown booties, and you’re set!

If you’re looking for a one-piece lace item, this dress is definitely something you should look into!  I am sure this dress comes in several different colors, because this dark blue color seems a little out of season for the Spring and Summer.  I actually just bought a cream color dress that looks almost exactly like this at Forever 21 about a month ago.  It came with a skinny, cream belt and now I am on the search for a jean jacket or vest to wear over it.  A dress is quite easy to wear, because you can just throw it on, accessorize, pick some cute shoes, and you’re set for the day.  If it’s lace, that makes it even better because now you look adorable and classy.

Found this one on Pinterest. If anyone knows where it's from, let me know please!

These shorts are darling!  I love how lace is used as an accessory here, and these actually look like they’d be easy to DIY.  I might just have to try this myself when I get out of school…

Here is another lace shirt, but short sleeved.  I really like how it is paired with a pair of pink pants, but in reality I would never wear pants like that because I’m quite short.  I’m not sure if I’m ready to venture out into skinny, colored pants yet.  But nonetheless, this shirt could be paired with shorts or jeans.

The sleeves on this shirt are stunning.  The lace design isn’t too intricate – it’s very simple!  I really want to find this shirt.  Even though it is cream and kind of plain, the sleeves make it a shirt worth wearing with any type of bottoms.  I also love how this model wore a long-chained bright-colored necklace!  It is perfect to offset the cream color of the shirt without being too attention grabbing.

Personally, I don’t have anywhere to wear a dress as fancy as this, but I just wanted to discuss the way lace is used.  I love how the top of this dress is plain and not lace, and the skirt is.  It really uses the lace to dress up the piece and make it quite fancy.  Along with the big pink ribbon, this dress is perfect for a spring party or a birthday party!

Last but not least, there is this dress.  Along with my current lace obsession, I’m also falling in love with the backless trend.  Dresses that are backless are sexy without being too sexy, because your front is still covered!  This dress is beautiful because it is backless…in the shape of a heart.  The link in the caption above will take you to a website where you can buy this dress.

All in all, lace is something I will be wearing quite often throughout the spring and summer.  I will also probably be wearing a lot of it in Mexico, because I’m expecting the weather to be warm but not super warm!

What is your favorite trend right now?  Do you have any favorite lace pieces to share with me?  I would love to buy them I mean, check them out!

5 thoughts on “In Love With Lace

  1. OH my gosh – I am a girl obsessed. It’s so chic and so romantic, while still being versatile enough to be worn in every way.

      • Oh, please don’t worry about it. Between you and me (and anyone else who happens to read this), we’re doing an entire week next week on lace. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone!

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