Spring 2012 Trends: Color, Color, and More Color

You better pull out your favorite sunglasses this Spring, because you’re going to need them.  Not only because of the beautiful sunshine, but because of the colorful trends that are quickly (and by quickly I mean already here) heading our way!

Yesterday I talked about my absolute love for lace, but I understand that might not be as much of a trend as some other styles!  Today, I want to talk about two of the trends that have been on the runway very recently: pastels and color blocking.

A pastel is described as a soft, delicate shade of color.  I think almost any color could be a pastel because it’s not a matter of changing the color, just making it softer.  Here are a few examples of some pastels I found (warning: this is quite picture heavy, but totally worth it):

This skirt is a beautiful, light salmon color.  It is very delicate looking because of the parallel pleats, and it is a bit sheer as well!  It is also high waisted, which accentuates the smallest part of your waist and can be very slimming.  In this photo it is paired with cream, but if you want to be daring you could wear it with a pastel yellow or even a sea foam green.  We will discuss color-blocking later though…

It is possible to make a pastel a bright color as well!  The top in this photo is a beautiful teal color and it’s worn with pastel pink.  I love how the belt matches the shirt!  There are no patterns on the clothes, but she added pattern with her accessories – chunky jewelry and a really beautiful clutch.  I am not sure if I’m ready to wear something this bright, but on tan skin it would look amazing.

Here is a more work-friendly pastel idea: jfans, a simple plain colored shirt, and a pastel pink blazer.  I would even wear this to class!  However, it would have to be a little chilly outside because a blazer and jeans could be a little too heavy for the Spring and Summer sun.  You could switch out the jeans for some denim shorts though!

Dresses – my favorite!  This pastel green color is gorgeous, and the cream belt really just pulls it together.  I love the pink blazer over it as well because it makes it look more professional, but it definitely isn’t necessary.  I can’t wait to go shopping when school is over!

Yes, I’m completely aware that this is not a pastel.  However, bright colors (specifically orange) are also a trend this season!  Pair two bright colors together (that match, hopefully) and you will be the cute, chic woman grabbing everyone’s attention when you walk by!  I love wearing the burnt orange color, especially with my dark colored hair.  This specific outfit also draws attention to the narrow part of the waist, which I am totally down to wear!

Photo Credit: Found on Tumblr! If anyone knows where it's from, let me know please!

I cannot even express how much I admire this outfit.  I absolutely love the color of the shirt and how it is so chunky.  I also love how the top is midriff-showing, but with the high-waisted skirt the midriff is barely showing.  Pairing a bold color with a print is something that I love to do, and after seeing this picture I will definitely be looking at more shirts similar to the one here.  Don’t even get me started on the ring…

And what would an outfit be without the perfect pair of shoes to match?  Well…it’d just be clothes.
It’s quite easy to rock a pair of pastel heels with almost anything!  I think it’s because soft shades of colors are easily paired with other soft shades, and if you’re wearing a pattern you can pull any color out of the pattern and wear it on your accessories or shoes!  Above, I’m showing six pairs of shoes that you could wear with any of the previously mentioned items!  Cream or nude shoes match with (almost) anything, and the ones of the top right could match easily with the first skirt I mentioned.  But do you see those babies in the middle on the bottom row?  Those beautiful pink, lavender, and yellow wedges?  What a perfect introduction into our next trend.

Color blocking.  One of God’s gifts to the earth.  Color blocking is a technique where many different colors and types of fabric are sewn together to create one garment with several colors, sometimes in abstract shapes.  This is definitely a trend that I’ve been seeing everywhere.  Living on a college campus really exposes you to all of the different types of fashion available.  For example, there is one girl in my class that dresses absolutely adorable every single day, and she is constantly trying new things and inspiring me to be more open in my own style.  This top is perfect for this season – it’s pastel and it uses color blocking!  It’s also cool if you’re not ready to fully dive into the color blocking trend, because it can be a little intimidating at first!

Color blocking on the runway!  One important thing to note is that color blocking does not always have to be on one garment!  Color blocking could be just pairing items with items of a completely different color to create a larger illusion, like in the picture on the right above.

More color blocking on the runway!  You can kind of tell by looking at these photos which colors are “in” right now as well.

Here is a really interesting use of color blocking.  All three pieces above almost look like the same dress, but they are actually not.  This is a great example of a more abstract, shapely design because it uses several different shapes in it’s pattern.  I love these three colors together…nail inspiration?

And of course, I have to include shoes.  The cool thing about color blocked shoes is that you can wear them with a plain color that is included in the shoe, or just with a white or black shirt or dress!  My favorites from above are shoes number one, three, four, and eight.  If you go to the link in the caption of the photo, you can find where to buy every pair of shoes if you really fall in love with one (or all) of them!

Now because this is primarily a nail art blog, who would I be if I did not include some color blocking nail art designs?

This nail blogger calls this manicure the “Funky French Manicure”.  I would consider this color blocking because there are several different colors and it is really abstract!

Here is something a little more complex, maybe to use as an accent nail.

This is my absolute favorite of the three.  It encompasses what I believe to be the definition of color blocking.  It uses bold colors, pastels, and different shapes to achieve something that is so interesting and pretty to look at.  I might have to try this if I ever find the patience to do so!

So what do you think of these Spring 2012 trends?  What shades can you see yourself in this season?  And are you daring enough to try the color blocking trend?  Or would you rather keep the crazy colors on your nails?  Let me know what you think!  Have a wonderful rest of the day!  (P.S.  Today is Friday.  🙂 )

2 thoughts on “Spring 2012 Trends: Color, Color, and More Color

    • Thank you so much! I love all the shades as well! I can’t wait until finals are over and I have time to go shopping and experiment! I really want to expand my wardrobe, hahah, I’ve been a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers girl for too long!

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