Oops…I Did Something Bad

Yeah. I did something bad. It’s getting closer to finals week and all of my final projects are due at times that are very close together. In three days, I have an 8-10 page anthropology research paper due. In about a week and a half, I have (combined) two 6-8 page papers, three reading responses, a take-home final exam, and a creative project due. I think I might just explode. Luckily, writing is my strong suit. I can be very eloquent when needed and I’m usually good at organizing my thoughts and b.s.-ing…I mean elaborating…when needed.

Today is a day that I devoted to writing about half of my research paper. However, I got hungry and needed to make a run to the grocery store anyways to grab a few things for the week so I headed out. Oops…there’s an Ulta right down the street. I have been wanting this specific nail polish…Revlon’s “Whimsical”. I saw a swatch and immediately wanted it, but for some reason I couldn’t find it anywhere! My little sister was out shopping one day and sent me a text with a picture of Whimsical attached and she said, “Look what I found!!!” I just had to run into my Ulta and see if they had it.

Sad, sad story. I went to the Revlon display and saw where pretty little Whimsical was supposed to be, but there were none left. Defeated, but not down I decided to walk around the store just browsing. I knew in the back of my head that sometimes people grab nail polishes and leave them somewhere else…but no…that never really happens. I came across a display that will match your skin tone perfectly with your shade of make-up, so I stopped to look into a mirror and…no…it couldn’t be! One, single bottle of Whimsical peeking out from behind the mirror. I wish I was making this up. But I’m not. And it’s amazing. It was a sign, so I had to buy it. Also, Ulta is having a Revlon Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale, so I decided to grab two other polishes: Radiant (also one I had wanted) and Minted, an adorable mint green shade, perfect for Spring!

Now back to my paper. Now I sit here dying to paint my nails, but I know I have a paper to write. I came up with a plan. A brilliant plan. For every page I write, I get to paint one coat on my nails. Start with a base coat, one page = first coat, second page = second coat, blah blah blah, you get it. Here is my night in photos.


Here are the three colors I bought at Ulta for the Buy Two Get One Free sale!
Whimsical, Radiant, and Minted.  I have not seen Whimsical or Radiant at any store other than Ulta.


When I was unsuccessful with finding Whimsical about a month ago, I attempted to franken my own.  I used a half full bottle of NYC glitter (I don’t know the name) and put in a little bit of white polish and a few drops of blue.  As you can see, mine is not as much of a jelly as Whimsical and the glitter is a little bit different…but it was a good first try.  May one day I will swatch the two and see what they look like!


One page of my paper done = one coat of minted.  I wish this color was less streaky.  It’s a bit thin, but I am totally fine with the because the color is a perfect mint green.


Page two = two coats.  It is still streaky, and definitely needs three coats.


Bam!  Three coats and it’s perfect.  If I didn’t have Whimsical, this would have been perfect!  I plan on wearing this color (and Tart Deco) very often this Spring.


Well, it’s a good thing that I had Whimsical because after three pages and three coats of Minted, I fell asleep.  This, in turn, caused those annoying sleep lines a few annoying wrinkles.  The next day, I put Whimsical over the top and was pleasantly surprised and disappointed.  First of all, there is definitely not enough glitter in this polish.  I had to literally pick out glitter and place it on my nail in order to get as much glitter on there as you see above.  I really wish it was more dense.  However, I really like how the glitter is a jelly and not a clear base, so it doesn’t really change the color of the polish but just makes it a little more creamy.  I love this polish so much for some reason though…it reminds me of cotton candy and something about it just makes me want to wear it all the time.  In the picture, the color of the polish is a little bit off, so I added one below.


Love it.  I have gotten a lot of compliments on Minted and my nails just make me happy.
I’m excited to try Whimsical over other colors, specifically Tart Deco (of course), white, and black polish.
Do you have Whimsical?  Better yet, do you have a polish that you hate to love?

What’s on your nails right now?

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