Dream A Little Dream of Me

I always sleep with a dreamcatcher above my head.  When I was growing up, my mom always made sure there was one in each of her daughters’ rooms, and so now my room doesn’t feel complete without one.  I also really believe that if someone touches your dreamcatcher, it will cause you to have bad dreams…why does my dream catcher have to be covered in soft, fuzzy feathers?  Everyone always touches it!  Anyways, I kind of got over wearing Whimsical – I wasn’t in a glittery mood.  But I really liked wearing Minted, so I came up with this manicure!  Hope you like it!  I hope it gives me luck on my finals this upcoming week!


Yay!  Three coats of Minted and messy cuticles…none other than, me.


Start by drawing a circle and however many dangling strings coming from your circle.  I did four.  This design would work best on longer nails, but I don’t really care because it worked fine for me.


Make a spiderweb-shape in the middle of your dreamcatcher.  Add a colored dot in the middle just to make it look a little bit nicer.  I also added dots on the strings to represent beads, and to add some color.  For my dots, I used Tart Deco (of course).


Using your white, make little baby feathers at the bottom.  These feathers could be any color you want them to be!  You could also get super fancy and make more realistic looking feathers!

I absolutely love this design.  I will definitely be experimenting with it, hopefully when my nails a little bit longer.  I really love it though!  It’s different and very spring/summer appropriate.

However…when I tried it on my right hand, it came out absolutely horrible so I just added an accent nail.

Awkward Olivia Picture!

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