Where Have You Been?

School is finally out!  I got through my week of finals and now I’m all moved home.  I’ve been looking forward to having a relaxing first week of summer and hanging out with my family, friends, and boyfriend (eeeee!!!) but of course, I got super sick.  My body always does that – get sick at the most unpleasant times.  But now that I’m home and have an unlimited amount of free time (until I get a job) I intend to do more nail art!  Unfortunately, now that I’m sick I don’t really feel like doing anything crazy, so I attempted a jelly sandwich.



I’m almost 90% sure I didn’t do this right.  I did two coats of a sheer pink polish my mom got for me at Gap, one coat of Ulta’s Pinyata-Yada-Yada, and one more coat of the sheer polish.  To me, it looks less like a jelly sandwich and more like a jawbreaker.  I’m just leaving it on right now because I don’t have the patience or energy to do anything else.

Do you guys have any advice about how to do a jelly sandwich?  Which polishes have you used and how did they work?  What would you recommend?  I really like the jelly sandwich look but I can’t figure out how to do it!

6 thoughts on “Where Have You Been?

  1. I did a mani yesterday that looks almost exactly like this! I used different polishes but it looks pretty much the same. I also thought that it looked like a jawbreaker. I’ll post it in a couple days, I’m kind of behind on my blog posts right now. It’s best to use polishes with a jelly finish (OPI calls them sorbet) rather than a sheer polish.

    • I’ll have to try that! I am not very good with figuring out different types of polishes, so I will have to do some researching first! Thanks for the advice! 🙂

  2. Glad you’re back! That sucks that you got sick just when fun stuff was coming up. I really like how this looks…like the funfetti cake I used to love when I was a kid. Ok, still love.

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