No More Smooth Sailing

Believe it or not, yes I have been sick until now.  I just recently started feeling better, and to celebrate I went to stay with my friend in another city for a few days.  Now I am back at home and not really doing anything, so I figured I’d try out some new polishes I have acquired!


First of all, yes I know the light is very weird.  I just think it shows off the shimmer in the light blue color!  This is Essie’s “Smooth Sailing”, which was almost going to be OPI’s “I Have a Herring Problem” in the store.  Smooth Sailing just looked a little brighter and more spring/summer.  I think I made the right choice!


It’s almost like a cornflower blue!  Or even a periwinkle?  I’m not sure!  On my accent nail I have Essie’s “No More Film” which just applies so beautifully…I don’t think I have experienced such a beautiful application before!  Perfect and smooth in two coats, and I absolutely love the color.


I attempted to do an Evil Eye design on my accent nail, but it came out horribly.  Instead, I added a glitter gradient with China Glaze’s “Snowglobe”.

This will be a cute manicure to keep for a few days!  Until then, I hope I can find some inspiration because as of now, I have absolutely none.

What are you sporting on your nails right now?  Do you have any ideas or inspiration that you’d be willing to share?

Have a beautiful day!

(By the way, the title is a mixture of the two polish names I used for this look.  Didn’t mean to scare you!)

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