Age of Aquarius

Something strange is going on here…yesterday I was buying a nail polish and it hit me – I spend way too much money on nail polish.  Yeah, I know.  Don’t get me wrong, I love nail polish and nail art, but I have enough nail polish to paint my nails a different color every day for six months.  I feel like I should be saving money.  So for right now, I think I’m done buying nail polish.  Unless I come across something I truly can’t live without.  Yesterday I almost bought a Butter London polish, but I didn’t.  That’s a start.

So what I did buy what Color Club’s “Age of Aquarius”.  First of all, I am an aquarius so I was drawn to this color.  Second of all, it’s just a beautiful shade!  A blue-green bright creme!  It kind of reminds me of China Glaze “For Audrey”, but a little greener.  The camera really doesn’t capture the true color.  Lately I have also been really into the galaxy nails look.  I did it once and everyone asked if they were press ons or a sticker – that means I did a good job.  So Aquarius + Galaxy sounds like a perfect mix to me!


I started off with all Age of Aquarius and one accent nail that is black.


In order to do galaxy nails, you need a black base, a royal blue, a lighter blue, and a hot pink.  You also need a fine glitter, preferably silver!  Start off by lightly sponging some royal blue on your nail, not covering the entire nail, maybe just half!


Over the royal blue, sponge a lighter shade of blue.  In this case, I used Age of Aquarius so it would all blend together!
The key to this look is sponging with the other previously sponged colors are still a little wet!  You have to blend them and make sure that it’s not super splotchy and that you can’t easily tell where one color stops and the other starts.


Sponge hot pink over the light blue.  Definitely blend this color as much as you can, because it is so bright!  A bright color is necessary though, it really adds to the look.


Finally, use your glitter.  I put a little bit of Essie’s Shine of the Times over the galaxy part, and added some NYC glitter (I don’t know the name, but it’s fine silver glitter with little blue and pink hexes) on the sides.

 This is a horrible picture, I really have terrible lighting, but see the picture below for my true galaxy nails!


Please excuse my cuticles, I have really started taking care of them since this photo.
This is the first galaxy manicure I did and I think it is absolutely gorgeous!  I will definitely be doing this again soon.

How do you feel about the galaxy trend?  Have you tried it?  What are your tricks and tips?
How would you spice up the galaxy manicure?

One thought on “Age of Aquarius

  1. I haven’t tried this trend but it looks pretty. I feel you regarding buying way too much nail polish. I’ve slowed down a bit myself so hopefully I can keep abstaining. 🙂

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