My Sorority Sister Told Me

Hi everyone!  I have been MIA…again.  No excuses this time.

Today I am going to feature a review of a product that my sorority sister Annie bought and used recently!  She did a really great job of reviewing and she definitely made me interested in trying this product!

Image belongs to Annie!

In the words of the wise Annie,
“These nails are so easy to do and extremely adorable! Just paint your favorite color of nail polish then drop the super cute colored pearls on top and viola you have the best looking nails around. In my experience with these nails, I have found that they would be fantastic for a one time event. After that, the little pearls start falling out! I often found little pearls on me during the day. With my cousin, all the pearls came off when she took a shower and was washing her hair. Because they kept kind of falling out every once and a while, I decided I would do a top coat to hold them in place…..worst. idea. ever. The top coat MELTED the pearls and made them dark. Then I had slimy dark pearls on my nails…not cute. Of course, after reading the package I found out that you are only to put top coat on the tips of the nails. There is NO DOUBT these nails are adorable, but for $25 one could do a lot better. It’s an experience I think all nail lovers should try though!”

I absolutely love her description of the Caviar Nail trend!  It got me very interested in trying out this trend at least once, maybe for a really special event like she suggested.  I love the way Annie’s nails look – like little rainbow candy sprinkles you put on your cake or ice cream.

After doing some research, I found that at Sephora they sell these rainbow pearls, white pearls, and black pearls.  How am I supposed to choose between fun rainbow or classy black?!  Oh well!  I have time to decide.

Hopefully I will be posting with some interesting nail art soon!  My sister is graduating tomorrow, so I won’t have too much time this weekend.

Have any of you tried the caviar nail trend?  What do you think?  Would you recommend it or try it again?

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