The Best of Both Worlds

I am in love…with this nail art.  I saw a picture of a manicure similar to this one on another blog, but of course I lost the link.  However, it isn’t exactly the same because I put my own little spin on it but using different colors!

What is a trend in nail art this spring?  Pastels and light colors.  What about this summer?  Neons and bright colors.  Hmm…

Is it possible to combine these two to get something totally different but absolutely adorable at the same time?  Absolutely!  Today I did a half moon manicure with two colors that you wouldn’t normally put together – a neon pink (Nail Pro’s Punki Pink) and a pastel minty green (Minted by Revlon).  The result is an eye-catching, very interesting combo!  I absolutely love it and I will be trying out different combinations throughout the summer.  It’s definitely an easy, go to manicure that is still as interesting as a hand-drawn pattern.



My hands are dry because I had just finished doing the dishes when I took this photo.  Yay for cleaning!  The only tip I would give to others when they try this – make sure your top color doesn’t need too many coats.  Minted has a tendency to be sheer so I had to do two quick and thick coats in order for it to cover the pink.  It took a while to dry, but was totally worth it!

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