I Do What My Boyfriend Tells Me: Hot Lava

“Volcano nails! Like lava and such.” Wise words, my boyfriend, wise words.

I tried a few different techniques when Chris gave me this idea. First, I tried painting a black base and sponging red, orange, and yellow in a gradient. For some reason, the colors weren’t showing up on the black, so that didn’t work. Then, I tried to blend red, orange, and yellow on my nail and then top it with some black shatter. That also…didn’t work at all. Finally, Chris suggested starting with the lighter color and sponging on a darker color.


I started off with three coats of China Glaze’s “Sun Worshipper”. This is a neon orange, but it is not opaque at all. If you’re not carefully, you will definitely be able to see streaks and it will be really uneven. I know you can still see the line of my nail through the orange…but I figured it didn’t matter because I would be sponging a color over that half of my nail anyways.


Okay, so the way I did this was very…interesting. I took a piece of white paper and dropped some “Sun Worshipper” and some red next to each other. This red is really old, I think it’s OPI “I’m Not Really a Waitress”. Using a small makeup sponge, I dipped it into the polish a few times, then sponged it onto my nail. It was really hard to get pictures of this, so unfortunately I didn’t! However, my tip for you is to just keep sponging lightly and move the sponge up and down your nail very slightly so you get a nice gradient. I then put a little bit of red on the sponge, and sponged it just on the very tip of my nail to make the red a little darker so it looks like a true gradient.



Here are a couple of pictures of the finished product!  I’m still trying to master the art of taking pictures of my finished nail art, so today I am going to ask you this: what are your tips to taking great nail art photos?  If I spend my time trying to create something, I really want to be able to show it off properly with a nice picture!  Also, I was thinking about throwing some black shatter over one or all of my nails.  I’m not the biggest fan of shatter, but I figure hot lava/volcanos would go perfectly!

I am one very lucky girl to have a boyfriend that doesn’t mind my nail polish obsession.  He actually encourages me to keep up on my blog and he (seems like) he likes to give me ideas!  This is all perfectly fine by me…we all know my inspiration has been lacking!

What colors would you like to gradient this season?  I was thinking of doing a blue gradient next, maybe with some glitter?

2 thoughts on “I Do What My Boyfriend Tells Me: Hot Lava

  1. I didn’t know Sun Worshipper was so sheer. I hate that. It’s probably like Towel Boy-Toy which I think is from the same collection. I actually do like the way this turned out.

    • It is! And I love it because it is my Mac And Cheese color! But so many things about it are less than pleasing…along with the fact that it is super sheer, it is streaky and it chips almost immediately! Just a bad formula I guess!

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