Nail Art Inspired by Art Fail

First of all, I would like to apologize for the quality of my last post. While doing a sponge gradient is a good technique to learn, I wasn’t that great of a teacher and the colors weren’t that great either. I definitely plan on doing another sponge gradient tutorial for you all, with a better choice of colors!

After rocking my hot lava nails for a couple of days, I realized that they should be called werewolf nails. It literally looked like I dug my nails into something and that they were covered in cheesy halloween blood. I did get a few compliments, but I found myself attempting to hide my nails more often than trying to show them off. I went to my boyfriend’s sister’s graduation and was meeting some new people, and as soon as I got in the car to go over there I realized I should have probably taken off my crazy nail polish. Whoops!

Today is going to be a big experiment: nail art inspired by real art. I was surfing the web and found a really whimsical piece, Bird in Hand”, by an artist named of Kelly King. It is full of bright colors and intricate black details, and it also is very summery – perfect for one of a kind nail art!

I’m going to try and make this tutorial more detailed. Let’s see how it goes! 🙂

Through painting nails with a lot of my close friends, I realized that not everybody uses/prefers to use a base coat. The choice is yours, but I really think that a base coat is an important first step in any manicure for several different reasons. A good base coat will protect your nails from color staining: a lot of colors contain heavy pigments and can leave a residue on your nail and no amount of polish remover can get rid of. While this might not be a problem because you are just going to paint over it again, it can eventually stain your nail a color yellow permanently (there are ways to fix the yellow staining, but why not avoid it in the first place?). Depending on the type of nails you have, a base coat can also help repair damaged, fragile, or peeling nails. Finally, a base coat helps your nail polish color adhere to your nail better. I think a lot of people dislike base coats because they think it makes their polish peel quicker, but I honestly never have a problem with peeling or chipping polish. That is a discussion for another post though! The base coat I am using today is Sally Hansen’s Ultimate Shield Base and Top Coat. It works really well as a base coat, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a top coat.

I think the key to using a piece of art as inspiration is finding parts of the piece that really catch your eye. First, the colors!


From thumb to pinky: Color Club “Age of Aquarius”, Sally Hansen “Mellow Yellow”, Ulta “Cabana Coral”, Essie “Mesmerized”, and OPI “Hot Fun in the Summer-Lime”

Now to pull out the patterns. I will just show a picture and explain where I got each pattern from.


For the thumb, I used the pattern going across the bird’s belly.  Over the yellow I tried to make a sun but realized there were two different sun designs.  I made one side of the sun have triangular spikes and the other side just lines.  My middle finger design was inspired by the design that is running up the middle finger of the hand.  On my ring finger, I used the wing on the bird.  And finally, my pinky is obviously the green leaf in the background of the painting.

Honestly, I am not too fond of this at all.  I really tried to go out of the box and do something different and unique, and it just didn’t turn out how I wanted.  I’m not the type of person that enjoys having a ton of different colors on my nails…maybe that’s why.  By also, I feel like the designs aren’t clean enough and are just kind of…amateur.  I obviously need practice.  I’m not going to keep this on my nails, but I’m not going to give up.

What do you think of this design?  Be honest!  I am just experimenting here and I realize that practice makes perfect!

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