How to Spot a Cheetah

Gooooood afternoon!  I had a really great idea for some nail art today, but when I finished the first step in what I was doing I figured I’d just stop there.  I’ll explain below!


As you can see, I’m about to do some really cute cheetah print!  Start with a gold base – here I see Sephora by OPI “Charge It”.  It is pretty sheer and thin, but two coats was enough when I was doing a pattern over it!  Then, using the brush in the bottle of nail polish or a dotting tool, make random shaped and sized brown/darker gold spots.  I used “Warm and Fozzie” by OPI.  It is perfect because it is shimmery but just brown enough!


I think this is one of the greatest pictures of my nails I have ever taken.  The lighting is perfect and shows the true colors of the polishes!  Anyways.  Using a dotting tool or a striping brush, make brackets and half circles around the brown spots.  If there is a spot that looks empty, just make a small black dot to fill it in!

So from here, I was going to tape off part of my nail and paint it a solid color.  However, I think I made the cheetah spots too big.  If I put a color over half of it, it might not look like cheetah print anymore!  I’ll probably just leave them like this for a little while and then maybe try out my original idea afterwards!  If you really wanted to glitz up this look, you could put glitter over the spots or even over the entire nail!

I hope you all love this look as much as I do!  I am super happy with how it turned out.  🙂
What is on your nails right now?!

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