Baby, You’re a Firework

Yes, I just went there. I quoted Katy Perry. Someone had to do it.

I saw so many red, white, and blue nails this week! A lot of them were simple an cute, but some of them were really extravagant and detailed. I liked them both, but I decided to do something completely different.

My favorite part of the fourth of July (other than the hotdogs) is the fireworks. Last night I hung out with my boyfriend and some friends from school, but I was out of town so I had to leave early to drive home. While I was driving on the freeway, the fireworks were going off all around me which was definitely really cool! I still wish I could have parked on the side of the road and watched the show like usual! I had a lot of fun though.

So…here are my firework nails!

These were a little difficult to do because I wanted them to look like fireworks and not just a mess. First I painted a black base. Then I made a big dot of silver polish on my nail. Using a really small dotting tool, I dragged the polish out from the dot and made…well, a firework! I put Milani Gems all over the center of the firework, and then I used a fine black shimmer for the rest of the nail. I thought it needed a little more color, so I striped some really hot link stripes in there too!

What was on your nails this past 4th of July? Did you have as much barbecue food as I did?!

7 thoughts on “Baby, You’re a Firework

  1. Red, white and blue and all that on nails is nice but these are the best I’ve seen. I love them. It’s always good to be unique and pull it off. and the best is, you can and shouldn’t wait for 7/4 to wear them. they’re fab and a super way to wear black nails with a bit of breaking up. Yay.

    • Thank you so much! They definitely do make it easier to wear black polish. I would even do this design on all of my nails, it doesn’t have to be fireworks! You’re right, you don’t have to wait for 7/4! 🙂

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