Jeweled Half Moons

I have too many favorite manicures.  I feel as if every time I do a look successfully, I rave about it like, “Oh I love it!!!  It’s my absolute favorite!!!”  Well guess what.  They’re all my favorite.  There is no singular favorite.  I don’t like picking favorite because someone always gets left out!  Anyways, after my nail fail yesterday I wanted to do something that I knew I would love but amp it up.  This look here…it’s my favorite.  (Kidding.)


As you can see, I’ve started with a really messy two coats of Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet.  It is a dupe for Revlon Minted, but Mint Sorbet is more opaque and less streaky.


Using hole reinforcement labels, I created this super simple half moon look (you can see my original tutorial here).  If you look very closely on the first picture of this post, on my pinky finger you will see the reinforcement label!  It was too hard to get a picture of because the labels I have are clear, but if you look at the original post it will make more sense.  The color I used over Mint Sorbet is another Sally Hansen, Coral Reef.  I’ve really been loving pairing a mint color with a brighter, more pink or coral color!  It is a really great mix.


Here is where I really amped up this half moon look.  I made a thick streak of Milani Teal Glitter on a piece of paper, and using a dotting tool I meticulously picked out single pieces of glitter and placed them around the moon.  It was really time consuming and a little hard with my non-dominant hand, but I absolutely love this look.  It was definitely worth it.

Have you ever done a look like this before?  It might be really fun to do with neutral colors like nude and black, and then using rainbow hex glitters (like in Milani Gems)!  Now that I thought of that…I really want to try it.  This is a perfect summer look though!  I love it so much.  What is on your nails right now?!  🙂

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