I Can’t Resist a Sale

Yesterday I went shopping at a mall out of town with my mom and one of my sisters.  This mall isn’t much better than the one in my hometown, but it does have an Icing store, which is the more mature version of Claire’s.  Walking by, the first thing I noticed was the “ALL COSMETICS BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF”.  Nail.  Polish.

They had some very interesting glitters for sale, and I don’t really have many glitters, so I chose two!  Last night I gave my boyfriend the choice between to the two glitters, and he choice this one:


This is two coats of Icing’s “Written in the Stars” over a silver polish.  It has small and large hexes of silver glitter and blue stars suspended in a blueish base.  It takes a lot of work to pick out the stars, and once they are on your nails they kind of stick up and start peeling off.  I was very, very disappointed in this polish.  It was so adorable in the bottle but now that the stars are not staying on, it makes me sad!  I will definitely be trying this polish again over a different color, because the silver doesn’t really allow the glitter to be seen.

Oh well.  I will give this polish one more chance…but expect another post today because I think it’s already time to change my nails!  Back to the drawing boards ladies!

6 thoughts on “I Can’t Resist a Sale

  1. If they had a BOGO sale like that here I might die of shock. You’re nail art is great. I’ve never seen polish with star glitter in it before. It’s awesome.

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