Simple Neon Nail Art

Summer is all about neons.  The sun is shining and in order to compete, we have to wear the brightest most eye-catching shades on our nails.  This is a manicure I forgot that I took pictures of!  It uses two really bright neons and some simple (but really random) designs with a striper to create something really…interesting!

Here are all of the colors I used!  The lighting is horrible in these photos because they are old!  Since then, I’ve figured out how to take pictures of better quality.  The neon pink is called Punki Pink, the orange is China Glaze Sun Worshipper, and the top coat is just the general OPI Top Coat.

So as you can see, I painted them every other color.  Both of these neons dry matte (like most neons), so it looks weird until you put a top coat on.

Using a black striper, I made random lines, half circles, dots, and shapes on the orange nails.  Honestly, it kind of looks like math symbols!  These two colors are much brighter in person, but because of the horrible lighting…well you know the rest.

Would you ever wear something as bright as this?  What are you favorite neons this summer?

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