Selena Gomez’s Nicole by O.P.I. Collection

First, there was Justin Bieber.

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Then, the Kardashians.

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Now, Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez recently announced on her Facebook page that she has partnered with Nicole by O.P.I. to create an entire collection!  I don’t know about you, but I am pretty excited.

Let me explain to you why.  We all know that O.P.I. is a brand name that is very well known.  They are constantly producing classy, fun shades for women.  No matter what your age, profession, or favorite color, there is no doubt that O.P.I. has a color for you.  However, note that I said “women”.  While they do have certain collections, colors, and glitters that can be worn on younger more daring women, I feel as if a majority of their colors are something you could wear to the office.  What Nicole by O.P.I. provides is the same, high quality product that O.P.I. makes, but in more fun colors that are directed towards a younger audience.  If this wasn’t one of their goals…why would they have made a collection with Justin Bieber?  They had to have known that every thirteen year old girl was going to be begging their parents to take them to the store so they could buy Bieber polishes.

Another reason why I’m excited for this collection is simple: it’s Selena Gomez.  Selena Gomez has been one of the better role models that sprung from Disney Channel; meaning that she hasn’t really done anything terrible to be in the tabloids (unless you consider dating Justin Bieber terrible, which I don’t, because who wouldn’t date Justin Bieber if given the chance).  She always seems bubbly and happy, and a lot of her music videos are colors and different.  This leads me to believe that her collection will have some really funky and unique colors and glitters…a dream for any polishaholic.

There are a lot of people that I would love to see a Nicole by O.P.I. collection for!  Demi Lovato would be a good one – she would have a lot of dark vampy colors but also an equal amount of very glitzy and divalicious glitters (did I really just say divalicious?).  Miley Cyrus would probably have some crazy shades too!  Oh my gosh, what about Beyonce?!  Those would be super classy and gorgeous!

Selena Gomez’s collection is set to come out early 2013.  Which might be too long for me to wait!  😉

What do you think about the new Selena Gomez Nicole by O.P.I. collection?
Who would you like to see a collection from?

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