I Am So Indecisive!

Alright, so this entire nail changing process started with my feeble attempt at a tropical colored gradient.  I wanted to do an orange, pink, and yellow gradient because I have been seeing them everywhere and they just really remind me of summer.  For some reason, that is why I started with China Glaze “Sun Worshipper”, what you see below.  However…I should have started with the yellow polish as a base, because the yellow didn’t show up over the orange and it just looked like a messy mess.  Thank heavens I only tried it on one nail.  Withe nine fingers left covered in neon orange, I decided to try a new glitter polish over it.  This is “Pre Game” by Icing.


Of course, I suck at taking pictures.  This glitter is like little flakes of colorful foil in gold, purple, green, and blue.  The only problem was (like with many other Icing polishes) the glitter seemed to stick up off the nail and just be a bother.  I would have had no problem leaving it on, but the orange was throwing me off and I had to change it.


Mmm…the solution to any of my nail problems.  Sally Hansen “Mint Sorbet”.


Yes!  A glitter gradient!  I haven’t done one in a while.  The ring finger is the finished look, and all other fingers just have the first coat of glitter on them.  There is a full glitter gradient tutorial on my blog: here!


Boom.  Finished.  This glitter is amazing.  It is Nicole by O.P.I.  “A Million Sparkles” – small blue, gold, and silver glitter with bars of pink.  Yummy!  I tried something new with the gradient coming from the cuticle!  Usually it comes down from the tip!


There are many exciting posts coming up…(I’m not saying a word)…but definitely make sure you check back!!!

* I got my inspiration for this look from Pinterest!

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