Pomegranate Nail Lacquer Review

Well hello everyone!  I have just returned from Puerto Vallarta – and yes, I’m very tan and sunburned at the same time.

Today I have something really new and exciting for you here on Nails of Many Colors!  I will be doing my very first official review!  Ahhh!!!  I am so excited to show you these beautiful colors and this really cool new nail polish brand I’ve discovered.


Pomegranate Nail Lacquer was founded by Tina, a woman with a passion for polish and a self-proclaimed obsession with color!  The name of her polish brand was inspired by the fruit, which “jewel-like seeds add an amazing pop of color”.  All three of the polishes I received were definitely a pop of color, and I have never seen anything like them before!  One of the best things about Pomegranate Nail Lacquer?  They are 4-free and don’t test on animals!


The three colors I received were “Enchanted Lagoon”, “Velvet Lounge”, and “Persimmon”.


This is “Enchanted Lagoon”, a springy green creme.  It was pretty opaque in two coats (which is what I used in the photos below), but you can always do three coats just to be sure!  This polish is amazing, it goes on perfectly smooth and I had no problems whatsoever!  However, if you are going to inspect my nails below, don’t be too harsh!  Immediately after painting them my mom got a phone call that my step-dad had been in a car accident and I had to rush over to the hospital!  He is perfectly fine, he got really lucky – but that is why there might be some imperfections.




Oh…this is just my really pretty ring that I got in Mexico!  It matched with the polish so I figured I’d show you all.  🙂



“Velvet Lounge” is the perfect purple.  It is so deep and is a pure purple without being black.  I actually did not own a purple that I actually liked prior to this polish, and this is absolutely perfect.  This is two coats, and like “Enchanted Lagoon” it went on smooth with no problems!





“Persimmon” is described on the website as a pinkish-orange with gold shimmer, but honestly I don’t see any pink!  It is just a light orange with a light gold shimmer!  This is the shade I was most excited about, because the only oranges I own are neons.  This looks great on tan skin and isn’t too-too bright.  It took three coats to be perfectly opaque, but I didn’t mind the extra coat because I love the color so much!




All three of the Pomegranate Nail Lacquer shades went on perfectly smooth, and the colors in the bottle looked exactly like the colors on the website.  I feel like sometimes that isn’t the case, and you end up getting colors you didn’t really expect.  You can only get these polishes online at http://www.pomegranatelacquer.com right now, but they are absolutely worth it!  Each polish is $9.00, and there are 16 amazing shades to choose from.

Right now I am wearing Persimmon and I can’t stop staring at my nails!  It is so shimmery and gorgeous, and I’ll be going to San Jose and Santa Cruz this week so I can’t wait to show everyone that I will be visiting!

Go check out the website, hurry!  What colors are you interested in?  Which of these three is your favorite?!
What is on your nails right now?!

*These products were sent to me for my review.  This is my honest opinion!

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