My ULTA(mate) Wish List

Hi! I’ve missed you all so much! This past week has been a complete emotional roller coaster, and I haven’t had time to paint my nails or update the blog much at all. After my five days in Mexico, I was home for two days and went straight down to San Jose to visit my best friend. We have been friends literally since we were born (and I mean literally), and I wanted to see her before I went back to school! One night later, I was in Santa Cruz with my boyfriend and his family. I had a really amazing time and got to relax on the beach, and it was great to spend so much time with my boyfriend after being gone for so long. I decided to go back to San Jose to spend more time with my best friend…but I woke up on Saturday morning to find out some sad news. This week has been difficult, but it should be better in a couple of days. Time heals everything.

I have two more reviews for you all this week – a really great nail polish brand and a new nail accessory that I think every girl should have. But in the meantime, I swung by one of my favorite stores ever, ULTA, and thought it would fun to make a wish-list of items I would buy if I had some extra money to spend. I ended up finding some really great things, and I might just have to take a trip back there when I get my first paycheck! 🙂


Taylor Swift’s fragrance Wonderstruck is actually a perfume I already own. I use it every day and it has become one of my favorites! It is sweet, fruity, and flowery, and the bottle is absolutely adorable. It comes with a few charms that hang from the chain on the bottle…and I will definitely be taking those off and putting them on a bracelet when the bottle is empty. I’m almost out of this perfume, so I think it’s almost time to buy another bottle! This perfume retails at ULTA for $59.50.


Daisy by Marc Jacobs has been a very popular fragrance for the past couple of years…but what about this one?! I found Oh, Lola and fell in love! The bottle has a huge flower on top, which makes it pretty to look at and nice to smell. If you’re familiar with perfumes, you will know that there is another version of this perfume called Lola, but Oh, Lola! is described as being more youthful and lighthearted than it’s other version. This large bottle of this perfume retails for $88.00.


I have never heard of Lolita Lempicka, but I am so glad I found her! First of all, love the name. Second of all, I love the different scents of each of her perfumes! Si Lolita has a spicy floral scent, and will be great for young women in the fall. It retails for $49.00.


This perfume is Lolita Lempicka’s original fragrance named after the designer. It has lemon, floral, and vanilla notes and it very youthful and light. The bottle is beautiful, just as any other Lolita Lempicka fragrance – it looks like an apple with a bite taken out of it! This perfume also retails for $49.00.


While strolling along, I stumbled across the new display of the Germany collection by ULTA! I have a lot of these polishes on my Bucket of Polish list, but I was little disappointed when I saw that the colors in the bottle were different than what the photos online showed. I will definitely have to do some more research before I buy any of these shades! At ULTA, the colors from this collection are $12.50.


Lately I’ve been wishing I had thicker and longer lashes. I know there are mascaras out there that can probably help me, but I saw these and thought they would be nice to try every once in a while! These are the Katy Perry false lashes, and they come in several different shapes ranging from natural looking to dramatic and full. I would like to try the Sweetie Pie pair, they are the most natural looking and that is what I want. These retail for $6.99.


My sister told me about these new Revlon Moon Candy polishes, and I’ve been intrigued ever since. It comes in a dual sided tube – one side is a colored polish and the other contains colored flakes that leave your nails looking like they belong in the galaxy. I’ve heard both positive and negative things about this product, so I’m interested to try it! I’m not sure how much these retail for at ULTA, but I know you can also buy them at drug stores like Walgreens.


I really can’t figure out for the life of me what this is called because I took the picture from an angle where the brand name is covered. I do know that it is supposed to make unique curls that are probably all different sizes. I am all for unique looking hair curls and waves so of course I want to try this! If anyone knows what this is, please tell me! 🙂


In high school, I always wanted my hair to be straight. Then all of the sudden, my hair lost it’s volume and so I went through a curl phase. Now, I’m way into the messy waves that look effortless. Luckily, I have naturally wavy hair and just use a sea salt spray or a wave enhancing spray, but it is still fun to use a tool for it every once in a while! This Bed Head tool is supposed to create deep, unique waves in your hair. I have a Bed Head curling iron and it works so well, so I already love the brand. It might be nice to be able to wave my hair and have it stay for a while, especially because I’m in college and sometimes have to stay up late and…well wake up late. This retails for $34.99.


This is OPI’s Save Me and I believe it is from the Nicki Minaj collection. It is fine silver glitter with holographic bars, and it just looks so shiny and amazing! I don’t think that ULTA sells their OPI polishes online, so I can’t say how much this retails for. I love this glitter though!


Flip Flop Fantasy, obviously $7.00. When I was with my best friend this weekend we got pedicures and we both put Flip Flop Fantasy on our toes! It is the perfect hot pink without being too “hot” or too “pink”. It also looks great on a ton of different skin tones! This is a must have for the summer…or if you’re me, just for anytime!


I would seriously wear each one of these Orly polishes. I can’t see what their names are, but I love the last one on the right! These are $8.00 each!


This is one of the Orly effects polishes called Be Brave. It is really cute and light on your nail, and is more of a top coat you would put over another polish.


This is only on my list because it smells amazing. The only problem is that it is body wash, and I would rather have it be a lotion or a cream!

Do you have any of the items on this list? Which ones would you love to get?!

Leave me a comment!

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