bigRuby Nail Tattoos Review

School will be back in session soon and whether you will be attending a university, high school, or even grade school, we are all going to be in need of anything that can possibly save time.  I don’t know about you, but during the semester I always have trouble balancing my time and finding a way to fit classes, homework, work, my sorority, socializing, blogging, and the gym into my crazy schedule.  What’s a girl to do?

About a month ago I was looking around the internet for new nail polishes and brands that were popping up.  I came across bigRuby Nail Tattoos, a small company that designs temporary nail tattoos that work just like a temporary tattoo would on your skin!  As of right now, they have eleven different packages you can choose from and they also sell a Super Dry Top Coat that they specifically recommend using with their tattoos.  These tattoos are perfect if you want an effortless design or something that is unique!  All of their packages contain tattoos that (most) nail artists couldn’t do freehand!

What I love most about bigRuby Nail Tattoos is that they are cruelty-free and with every purchase, a portion of the money goes to The Kindness Ranch, an animal rescue for research animals.

bigRuby was kind enough to send me two of their brand new tattoo packages, the His and Hers collection!



In each package, there are two sheets of nail tattoos that are identical and there are 92 tattoos in total!  That’s a lot of tattoos!  The His collection has always caught my eye even though it is made up of mostly black and brown tattoos because it has sunglasses, mustaches, bow ties, and even crowns!  The Hers collection is really colorful and has lips, diamonds, roses, keys, and even cute little kitties.


I decided that I was going to put some reallocate mustaches on my nails.  The first step is to cut out your nails tattoos.


There were two different kinds of mustaches, but I wanted to keep it classy with a straight stache.  What I love the most about these nail tattoos is that the design is printed on the back of the tattoo so that what when you are placing it on your nail, you can see exactly where the tattoo is.  That makes it SO much easier.  Thanks bigRuby!  Next, peel off the protective plastic that is covering the tattoo.  Be careful not to touch the tattoo or accidentally flip it upside down, because it will stick to any surface!


Place the tattoo very carefully on your nail, and don’t drop it down until you are 100% sure that you have it in the right spot.  On my left hand, I accidentally dropped the tattoo a little too close to the edge of my nail, but I couldn’t fix it because it had already stuck to my nail!  Also, you don’t have to have polish on your nails!  You can do this on a bare nail as well. 🙂



Using a wet towel or cloth, press down the nail tattoo for 15 seconds.


Remove the towel and…


TA DA!  A perfect little mustache for you fingernails!




I put mine on my middle finger and laid it sideways so I could hold it up to my face and it would really look like a mustache.
I know, weird.
When it is fully dried, top your nail tattoo with two coats of a top coat.  I was wondering why it needed two…until I banged my finger and a piece of my mustache came off.  I added another coat and I haven’t had any problems since!  Listen to bigRuby!  They are smart, they know what’s up!


Every time I take pictures outside, my kitten puts himself in the photo.  It’s so hilarious, I had to show you guys.
As you can see, the mustache on my left hand is little bit off center, but I don’t even care!  It is so funny!

bigRuby Nail Tattoo packages retail for $12 and you can buy them on the bigRuby website.  Sometimes their packages are on sale for $8 or even $6.50!

While I do love the idea of cute decals to place on your nails anytime and anywhere, I would really love to try the “Ikat” or “Line” package which contains lines and longer strips of designs.  I have never seen anything like this product before and I am definitely a loyal customer now.  I will be sharing these with everyone and will be visiting the website soon to purchase another package (or five)!

What do you think of these temporary nail tattoos?  Would you use them?
Which package off of the bigRuby website would you like to try most?

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