FACE Stockholm Nail Polish Review – My New Favorite Brand!

I think I have discovered my new favorite brand of nail polish. You know I love my OPI, but I have discovered something new and it makes me really excited, so I think I might have a new favorite.

FACE Stockholm is not only a nail polish company but they also sell high-end makeup, makeup brushes, skin care products, bags, and even sunglasses! FACE Stockholm was founded in 1982 by Gun Nowack in Sweden. She owned three fashion boutiques but decided to start a makeup company because she couldn’t find products in the colors that she wanted to match the fashion trend at the time – neon! Her first shop in 1982 was extremely successful, and as the business grew larger Nowack enlisted her daughter in New York for help. Since then, both of their passions and creativity combined have made the large company we know now.

FACE Stockholm products are available through mail order, online, or in one of their 50 locations worldwide. Unfortunately, the only two retail shops in the United States are in New York, and I’m not sure if they sell at stores like Nordstroms! Either way, ordering online is good enough for me!

FACE Stockholm was nice enough to send me six gorgeous colors to try out and review for you all! All of the swatches below are three thin coats of polish, minus the glitter which I did in two coats.

I have been waiting so long to be able to get this post up on Nails of Many Colors, and now that it’s finally here I can barely contain my excitement!



As you can see just by looking, these colors are extremely pigmented and bright. They are just popping out of the pictures!


This glitter polish is #86. The website describes it as a “sparkle gravender” which I’m guessing means grey and lavender.


In the shade, this color is very light. It is made of really fine silver and pink glitter.


This is two coats of glitter, and it covers pretty well! What I like the most about this glitter is that it is really stunning but not overly bright. It is a really light glitter that you could wear any day in any season, or just put over another color for sparkle!


I guess a blurry picture is the best way to see the truly sparkle in this polish! The tiny silver sparkles are holographic, so in the sun it really is just absolutely eye-catching!


This is #76, and on the website is is a “shimmer fuchsia”. The ONLY problem that I have with the FACE Stockholm website is that the colors and descriptions on the site do not accurately portray the colors in the bottle. This polish is gorgeous, but it isn’t described on the website the way that it is. This is a fuchsia color with almost a blue-green iridescent shimmer.


I really wish the pictures picked up the shimmer, but you can kind of see it in the photo above. I also used this color in my last post about bigRuby Nail Tattoos. It is what I have on my nails right now, and all of my friends are in love!


The perfect summer color!


Beautiful #148 – “cream periwinkle”. This one is perfectly described on the website, and it will be one of my go-to polishes for the fall.


In the shade it looks a little bit more lavender, but trust me it is definitely a perfect periwinkle!


This picture is more accurate. I had to be really careful with this polish, because it was little bit streaky. However, with two thick coats I think it will be perfect. There is no shimmer either, which is perfect because in the fall and winter I look for more cream polishes than shimmers or metallics.


This is #61, “shimmer violet night”. This one is definitely darker than it was shown to be on the website. In the bottle you can kind of see the shimmer, but it honestly looks black.


In the shade, unfortunately, black.


You can KIND OF see the purple in this polish on my thumb. In the sun and in person, this is a really dark, vampy, beautiful polish, but in photos and in the bottle it is very dark.


This is definitely another fall color, and while this polish is stunning I wish it was better represented on the website.


#67, “hot mango”. On the website this is depicted as more of a bright, creamy orange. In reality, it is a neon orange (which I have no problem with).


This pictures are actually a good representation of the color. It is just as bright in person as in the photos!


Application was good, but as with many neons it is a bit streaky and dries matte. Also, try to avoid getting it on your cuticles. It was a little hard to get off, and this was actually the first color that I swatched so if you look carefully you will be able to spot the orange cuticles.


Oh. My. Gosh. This is my new favorite color. It is a bright bubblegum pink but it isn’t too bright or too pink!


Love love love. It has a little bit of an iridescent shimmer which I think keeps it from being too bright.


Now here is the most amazing part. I chose to wear this polish on my trip to Mexico because I figured it would look great with tan skin and it would be bright in the Mexico sun. The photo below is what it looked like after five days of wear and tear, swimming in chlorine pool water, splashing around in the ocean, and applying a ton of sun screen and tanning lotion.


Are you kidding me?! It didn’t chip at all! The only thing you can see is the growth at the bottom of the nail, but it did not chip at all! I was shocked, and I think this is one of the reasons I love this brand so much…because all of the polishes are super long lasting.


I was trying to do a little nail polish photo shoot, and again my kitten just had to get in the picture.
He is so cute, but so funny.

I really urge all of you to explore FACE Stockholm and order a few polishes. The colors are gorgeous and you won’t be able to find anything like them! They are also extremely long lasting! Each bottle retails for $12. They also have three crackle shades to choose from.

You can visit the website here!

Which of these six is your favorite FACE Stockholm shade? Have you ever tried this brand?
Go visit the website and tell me which ones you would love to try! I’m on my way there now to pick out some new colors. 🙂

4 thoughts on “FACE Stockholm Nail Polish Review – My New Favorite Brand!

  1. I’m always after my manicurist to “find” me new colors and I am smitten with shimmer fuschia and the bubblegum pink. Can’t wait to try and thanks so much for great information (color, lasting of same, and durability).

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