OPI Announces 2013 Collection Collaboration with Who?!

Lately, OPI has been pairing up with several celebrities and collaborating on unique collections for their brand.  Just to name a few, they created the Katy Perry collection

the Nicki Minaj collection

and even the Minnie Mouse collection!

I was just informed this morning that OPI will now be doing a collaboration with Mariah Carey in January 2013!  I’m not surprised that Mariah Carey has caught the eye of OPI – she is a five time Grammy award winning global superstar and has had 18 Billboard number one singles!  OPI stated that they are “thrilled to work with Mariah” because she “loves nails and considers lacquer one of her favorite accessories”.  They plan on using their inspiration to create beautiful and bold colors, and I am so excited to see what they come up with!

There are no photos or even hints at possible names for the polishes yet, but I have a few ideas of my own.  First of all, these colors are going to be vampy, shimmery, and probably a couple of gorgeous divalicious glitters.  There has to be one polish named for her twin babies – that’s for sure.  There should also be one named after her number one hit “Always Be My Baby”.  Oh my gosh…”Always Be My Twin Babies”.  That’d be hilarious.

What do you think of OPI’s upcoming collaboration with Mariah Carey?  What kind of colors do you think it will be made up of?  Do you have any interesting possible names for the polishes?

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