New China Glaze Texture Collection

What, what, WHAT IS THIS?!

This past week has been absolutely jam packed with sorority events, getting ready for classes, and just getting myself settled in my new house!  I love living in the sorority house so far, and I am getting really excited for the semesters to come.  Unfortunately, with the start of a semester comes less time to do things other than school and sorority stuff…so I haven’t had too much time for my nails.  Luckily, this weekend is labor day weekend and I have another really exciting review for you!

The other day I was looking on the internet and I found a picture for (possibly) a new collection coming from China Glaze!

Apparently it is called the “Texture Collection”.  What it is is gritty nail polish that probably has a matte finish.

All of these images were found on .  I haven’t seen a legitimate post about this collection yet, but someone somewhere created it!  It is supposed to have the texture of sand.

I know we have had caviar and velvet nails, but what do you think about this possible gritty nail polish?  Do you feel like it looks dirty or unique?  In my opinion, it might kind of look like there are bumps in your nail polish, like air bubbles!  I am very interested to see these swatched!

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