Sand Art: Pretty and Polished Swatch

Happy Friday everyone!  AHH!
Number one, I’m excited because today is Friday!  That means…weekend!
Number two, I have my second Pretty and Polished swatches to show you!


I had a hard time figuring out what color to put under Sand Art.  I have seen some people wear it alone with two or three coats, but I got myself a mini bottle and I don’t want to waste it all so quickly!  This is Color Club’s Age of Aquarius.





And a bunch of random photos!  This is two coats of Sand Art!

This is a very different polish for me.  I really love it, but I have never had a matte glitter polish before!  Because the glitters are matte, it kind of looks more like speckled eggs than glitter…or maybe that colorful sand art, duh!  I love the random colors in this polish as well, fine blue, neon yellow, and pink glitters with a little bit of larger purple!  It is so pretty and can really look good over any color!  On this polish, some of the colors are kind of drowned out, but I love it regardless!  I’d love to see it over black or white.

What do you think of this Pretty and Polished polish?  What color should I put it over?!

P.S.  A really great review is coming your way…

Leave me a comment!

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