No Buy November – Can I Do It?

It is currently…one o’clock in the morning and I finally have found time to post on this blog.  It has been absolutely insane these past couple of weeks – work, papers, frustrating history teachers…enough excuses.  All I have to say for you to know how busy I was is…my nails have been naked for just about two weeks now.  Sad, I know.

This week is busy as well because my sorority is initiating our fall class AND it is mine and my boyfriend’s six month anniversary.  🙂  But!  I should be receiving two really exciting polishes in the mail this week that I will be swatching and showing off as soon as I get them, busy or not!  Speaking of polishes…

I will be attempting to do a No Buy November.  I am a college student and like others in my situation, I don’t have unlimited funds to spend on anything I please.  I don’t buy nail polish like a mad woman to begin with, but I think that I have enough nail polish right now to do millions of different things.  My sorority sisters don’t believe I can do it, but I am going to believe in myself and stick to my ambitions!  I did buy a few polishes I have been lemming for…but now I’m done.  🙂

Another really exciting announcement – the Nails of Many Colors Facebook page (which you can like by clicking on the “like” widget to the right of this post) has finally reached 100 likes!  Just as promised, I will be doing a giveaway!  It will be small because it’s my first one, but it’s a giveaway nonetheless!  What products would you like to see in this giveaway?!  Let me know, because it’s all for you!

I hope you all had a really great weekend, and make this week count!  I’m going to be getting a lot done, so you should too! 🙂


My ULTA(mate) Wish List

Hi! I’ve missed you all so much! This past week has been a complete emotional roller coaster, and I haven’t had time to paint my nails or update the blog much at all. After my five days in Mexico, I was home for two days and went straight down to San Jose to visit my best friend. We have been friends literally since we were born (and I mean literally), and I wanted to see her before I went back to school! One night later, I was in Santa Cruz with my boyfriend and his family. I had a really amazing time and got to relax on the beach, and it was great to spend so much time with my boyfriend after being gone for so long. I decided to go back to San Jose to spend more time with my best friend…but I woke up on Saturday morning to find out some sad news. This week has been difficult, but it should be better in a couple of days. Time heals everything.

I have two more reviews for you all this week – a really great nail polish brand and a new nail accessory that I think every girl should have. But in the meantime, I swung by one of my favorite stores ever, ULTA, and thought it would fun to make a wish-list of items I would buy if I had some extra money to spend. I ended up finding some really great things, and I might just have to take a trip back there when I get my first paycheck! 🙂


Taylor Swift’s fragrance Wonderstruck is actually a perfume I already own. I use it every day and it has become one of my favorites! It is sweet, fruity, and flowery, and the bottle is absolutely adorable. It comes with a few charms that hang from the chain on the bottle…and I will definitely be taking those off and putting them on a bracelet when the bottle is empty. I’m almost out of this perfume, so I think it’s almost time to buy another bottle! This perfume retails at ULTA for $59.50.


Daisy by Marc Jacobs has been a very popular fragrance for the past couple of years…but what about this one?! I found Oh, Lola and fell in love! The bottle has a huge flower on top, which makes it pretty to look at and nice to smell. If you’re familiar with perfumes, you will know that there is another version of this perfume called Lola, but Oh, Lola! is described as being more youthful and lighthearted than it’s other version. This large bottle of this perfume retails for $88.00.


I have never heard of Lolita Lempicka, but I am so glad I found her! First of all, love the name. Second of all, I love the different scents of each of her perfumes! Si Lolita has a spicy floral scent, and will be great for young women in the fall. It retails for $49.00.


This perfume is Lolita Lempicka’s original fragrance named after the designer. It has lemon, floral, and vanilla notes and it very youthful and light. The bottle is beautiful, just as any other Lolita Lempicka fragrance – it looks like an apple with a bite taken out of it! This perfume also retails for $49.00.


While strolling along, I stumbled across the new display of the Germany collection by ULTA! I have a lot of these polishes on my Bucket of Polish list, but I was little disappointed when I saw that the colors in the bottle were different than what the photos online showed. I will definitely have to do some more research before I buy any of these shades! At ULTA, the colors from this collection are $12.50.


Lately I’ve been wishing I had thicker and longer lashes. I know there are mascaras out there that can probably help me, but I saw these and thought they would be nice to try every once in a while! These are the Katy Perry false lashes, and they come in several different shapes ranging from natural looking to dramatic and full. I would like to try the Sweetie Pie pair, they are the most natural looking and that is what I want. These retail for $6.99.


My sister told me about these new Revlon Moon Candy polishes, and I’ve been intrigued ever since. It comes in a dual sided tube – one side is a colored polish and the other contains colored flakes that leave your nails looking like they belong in the galaxy. I’ve heard both positive and negative things about this product, so I’m interested to try it! I’m not sure how much these retail for at ULTA, but I know you can also buy them at drug stores like Walgreens.


I really can’t figure out for the life of me what this is called because I took the picture from an angle where the brand name is covered. I do know that it is supposed to make unique curls that are probably all different sizes. I am all for unique looking hair curls and waves so of course I want to try this! If anyone knows what this is, please tell me! 🙂


In high school, I always wanted my hair to be straight. Then all of the sudden, my hair lost it’s volume and so I went through a curl phase. Now, I’m way into the messy waves that look effortless. Luckily, I have naturally wavy hair and just use a sea salt spray or a wave enhancing spray, but it is still fun to use a tool for it every once in a while! This Bed Head tool is supposed to create deep, unique waves in your hair. I have a Bed Head curling iron and it works so well, so I already love the brand. It might be nice to be able to wave my hair and have it stay for a while, especially because I’m in college and sometimes have to stay up late and…well wake up late. This retails for $34.99.


This is OPI’s Save Me and I believe it is from the Nicki Minaj collection. It is fine silver glitter with holographic bars, and it just looks so shiny and amazing! I don’t think that ULTA sells their OPI polishes online, so I can’t say how much this retails for. I love this glitter though!


Flip Flop Fantasy, obviously $7.00. When I was with my best friend this weekend we got pedicures and we both put Flip Flop Fantasy on our toes! It is the perfect hot pink without being too “hot” or too “pink”. It also looks great on a ton of different skin tones! This is a must have for the summer…or if you’re me, just for anytime!


I would seriously wear each one of these Orly polishes. I can’t see what their names are, but I love the last one on the right! These are $8.00 each!


This is one of the Orly effects polishes called Be Brave. It is really cute and light on your nail, and is more of a top coat you would put over another polish.


This is only on my list because it smells amazing. The only problem is that it is body wash, and I would rather have it be a lotion or a cream!

Do you have any of the items on this list? Which ones would you love to get?!

Too Much To Do!

This week has been so busy, but so much fun! I went to San Francisco and walked around all day with my boyfriend and his sister, and then stayed the night out of town. The next day, we saw the new Batman movie and went to an A’s baseball game! I was super exhausted, but I had a great time. 🙂

In three days, my whole family is heading down to Mexico! I don’t think I will have enough Internet access to make a blog post, and I won’t have all of my nail tools to do any nail art. However, when I get back you guys are all in for a huge treat! I have a lot of products to review for you, and really cool ideas I want to try out! I am going to try and get one post in before I leave so I can show you my Puerto Vallarta nails, but I have a lot to do before we leave!

In the meantime, what are you wearing on your nails?! Have you ever been to Puerto Vallarta or even to Mexico? Do you have any big vacation plans for the rest of the summer?

To Base Coat or Not To Base Coat?

Ever since I started keeping this nail blog, a lot of my girlfriends seem to come to me with their questions regarding nail polish and nail art.  It is kind of funny that now I am a source of information, because I learned everything I know from other blogs and from my own experiments.  One of the questions that I get most often is, “Hey, should I use a base coat?”

I know I touched on this in a previous post, but I figured I might go into some more detail here for anyone that might be wondering.  Also, I am just in a mood to write right now, so why not take advantage of it and get as many posts up as I can?  I like to talk and you guys obviously like to read since you’re reading this now! 🙂

Now if you go to any drug store, you will find dozens of base coats.  Every brand has their own base coat, and some brands even have several different types of base coats.  Here are a few examples:

  • Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Smooth and Strong Base Coat: This base coat is labeled as just a base coat (in comparison to a two-in-one base and top coat).  According to the description on the Sally Hansen website, it is a gel-like base coat that has a finish thick enough to fill ridges in your nails so you have a completely smooth surface to polish on top of.
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base and Top Coat: This base coat advertises stronger, healthier nails and a high gloss finish, hence the “diamond shine” part.  I personally do not like using the same polish as a base and a top coat, because I feel like it can’t really do both jobs since being a base coat and a top coat is two completely different things.  Based on the description of this product, I would suggest using it as a top coat because of its high gloss finish.  However, I am not speaking from experience, so don’t take the advice too heavily.
  • Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base and Top Coat: Here is another example of a base and top coat mixture that contain nylon.  What nylon works to do is hydrate and strengthen your nails, so as a top coat this polish wouldn’t really work too well.

A lot of girls I have spoken to really dislike using a base coat for a few different reasons.  However, in my experience, I would have to disagree with a lot of the arguments I have heard.

Argument #1:  “A base coat makes my nail polish chip faster.”

This really might be true, but I can’t say that I have ever had this problem.  Nail polish chips for a couple different reasons with the first being that it didn’t really adhere well to the nail in the first place.  I have noticed that when my hands are dirty or my nails aren’t perfectly clean before I start polishing them, the nail polish will not stick.  A few months ago, I painted my friend’s nails right after she had peeled an orange.  Within a couple of hours, her polish started peeling.  It was a complete disaster!  I always make sure to swipe my nails with some acetone and wash my hands immediately before painting my nails, and I don’t usually have a problem.  Secondly, nail polish will chip because the polish was applied too heavily in the first place.  If you paint two or three thick coats of polish in order to get full coverage, not only are you going to be waiting hours for it to dry but your polish will peel!  A base coat will help give a polish a nice surface to adhere to, that way you aren’t painting straight onto a smooth nail.

Argument #2:  “Base coats are a waste of money.”

This argument is something that no nail polish lover wants to hear!  Some people might think that buying nail polish in general is a waste of money…but I think that can be said for anything!  Anyways, a base coat is actually a good investment to make!  It can really protect your nails, depending on the type of nails you have and the type of base coat you buy.  If you have thin, fragile nails, there are several base coats out there for you that have strengthening qualities.  Dry brittle nails?  There is a hydrating base coat for you!  Damaged nails from acrylics or just from a plain accident?  The base coat mentioned above can fill your ridges and make a smooth, even surface.  Not only can base coats help heal your damaged nails, but they can protect your nails as well.  A lot of polishes, especially neon and darker colors can actually stain your nails.  Trust me, I have worn my share of bright oranges and dark blues that leave my nails looking like I had just tie-dyed!  No amount of acetone can undo that damage.  Also, if you are constantly changing your polish from color to color, your nails never really get a chance to breath and can actually start to turn a yellow color.  While it is possible to fix yellow nails, it is much easier to prevent than to treat.  By using a base coat, you can help eliminate the chances of getting any stains on your pretty little nails in the first place.

On the topic of money, buying a two-in-one base coat and top coat could actually save you money!  If you don’t need a special base coat for your nails, you might as well buy a top coat that can double as a base coat so you are getting the benefits without paying any extra for another polish.  🙂

I really just want to re-state that everything I am saying is from my own experience…so don’t get angry if you disagree!  I’d love to hear everyone’s ideas and opinions, so that way I can learn more as well.  I could be completely wrong and wouldn’t know it unless someone spoke up.  🙂

Where Have You Been?

School is finally out!  I got through my week of finals and now I’m all moved home.  I’ve been looking forward to having a relaxing first week of summer and hanging out with my family, friends, and boyfriend (eeeee!!!) but of course, I got super sick.  My body always does that – get sick at the most unpleasant times.  But now that I’m home and have an unlimited amount of free time (until I get a job) I intend to do more nail art!  Unfortunately, now that I’m sick I don’t really feel like doing anything crazy, so I attempted a jelly sandwich.



I’m almost 90% sure I didn’t do this right.  I did two coats of a sheer pink polish my mom got for me at Gap, one coat of Ulta’s Pinyata-Yada-Yada, and one more coat of the sheer polish.  To me, it looks less like a jelly sandwich and more like a jawbreaker.  I’m just leaving it on right now because I don’t have the patience or energy to do anything else.

Do you guys have any advice about how to do a jelly sandwich?  Which polishes have you used and how did they work?  What would you recommend?  I really like the jelly sandwich look but I can’t figure out how to do it!

OPI The Amazing Spiderman Collection

Yay!  Another new collection from my best friends at OPI!  This is the Amazing Spiderman Collection.

I have to admit when I saw these colors, I was not immediately interested because the colors are very different and not what I would normally wear.  But then I saw some swatches on Scrangie’s Site and I have to say that I would actually consider buying a couple of these colors.  Here are my favorites from the collection:

This deep blue is called Into the Night – a perfect name for the shade!  From this photo, it’s just a dark metallic blue that isn’t as dark as a dark blue…if that even makes any sense!

This color is Number One Nemisis.  To me, it looks like a grey-green metallic shimmer!
Perfect for the fall!  It’s not even summer yet and I’m already looking forward to fall and winter…

So what are your favorite colors from this collection?  Will you be rushing out to buy any of them?
Personally, I do like these two colors but there aren’t a shade that I would buy as soon as I saw them.  They aren’t must haves, like the colors in the Germany collection I talked about a while ago!  But then again…they are OPI polishes and they might surprise me like they always do!

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps

Whoa whoa whoa…what?  OPI has just come out with a brand new line of nail apps!  They are 100% real nail polish and come in packs of 16 strips.  From what I have researched, they apply similar to any other nail polish strips, like the Sally Hansen ones for example.  They do come with a warning though – use them immediately because air will dry out the strips – which is something that I discovered with my Sally Hansen strips a little too late.

From top left to bottom right (in order of the numbers), Black & Grey Rattlesnake, Peacock, Fishnet, Parisian, Reptile, Floral, Pink & Black Lace, Metallic Wave, Sequins, Zig Zag Sparkle, Geometric Sparkle, Gold Lace, Pink and Silver Lace, and Girly Glam.

All of these patterns are very classy and interesting!  A lot of them are also something that could not be easily done by hand, which is good!  What is the point of buying nail polish strips if you could just as easily do it freehand?

I will definitely be keeping an eye out for these nail strips.  I absolutely love OPI and all of their products – they have never disappointed me.  Yay OPI!  🙂

Spring 2012 Trends: Color, Color, and More Color

You better pull out your favorite sunglasses this Spring, because you’re going to need them.  Not only because of the beautiful sunshine, but because of the colorful trends that are quickly (and by quickly I mean already here) heading our way!

Yesterday I talked about my absolute love for lace, but I understand that might not be as much of a trend as some other styles!  Today, I want to talk about two of the trends that have been on the runway very recently: pastels and color blocking.

A pastel is described as a soft, delicate shade of color.  I think almost any color could be a pastel because it’s not a matter of changing the color, just making it softer.  Here are a few examples of some pastels I found (warning: this is quite picture heavy, but totally worth it):

This skirt is a beautiful, light salmon color.  It is very delicate looking because of the parallel pleats, and it is a bit sheer as well!  It is also high waisted, which accentuates the smallest part of your waist and can be very slimming.  In this photo it is paired with cream, but if you want to be daring you could wear it with a pastel yellow or even a sea foam green.  We will discuss color-blocking later though…

It is possible to make a pastel a bright color as well!  The top in this photo is a beautiful teal color and it’s worn with pastel pink.  I love how the belt matches the shirt!  There are no patterns on the clothes, but she added pattern with her accessories – chunky jewelry and a really beautiful clutch.  I am not sure if I’m ready to wear something this bright, but on tan skin it would look amazing.

Here is a more work-friendly pastel idea: jfans, a simple plain colored shirt, and a pastel pink blazer.  I would even wear this to class!  However, it would have to be a little chilly outside because a blazer and jeans could be a little too heavy for the Spring and Summer sun.  You could switch out the jeans for some denim shorts though!

Dresses – my favorite!  This pastel green color is gorgeous, and the cream belt really just pulls it together.  I love the pink blazer over it as well because it makes it look more professional, but it definitely isn’t necessary.  I can’t wait to go shopping when school is over!

Yes, I’m completely aware that this is not a pastel.  However, bright colors (specifically orange) are also a trend this season!  Pair two bright colors together (that match, hopefully) and you will be the cute, chic woman grabbing everyone’s attention when you walk by!  I love wearing the burnt orange color, especially with my dark colored hair.  This specific outfit also draws attention to the narrow part of the waist, which I am totally down to wear!

Photo Credit: Found on Tumblr! If anyone knows where it's from, let me know please!

I cannot even express how much I admire this outfit.  I absolutely love the color of the shirt and how it is so chunky.  I also love how the top is midriff-showing, but with the high-waisted skirt the midriff is barely showing.  Pairing a bold color with a print is something that I love to do, and after seeing this picture I will definitely be looking at more shirts similar to the one here.  Don’t even get me started on the ring…

And what would an outfit be without the perfect pair of shoes to match?  Well…it’d just be clothes.
It’s quite easy to rock a pair of pastel heels with almost anything!  I think it’s because soft shades of colors are easily paired with other soft shades, and if you’re wearing a pattern you can pull any color out of the pattern and wear it on your accessories or shoes!  Above, I’m showing six pairs of shoes that you could wear with any of the previously mentioned items!  Cream or nude shoes match with (almost) anything, and the ones of the top right could match easily with the first skirt I mentioned.  But do you see those babies in the middle on the bottom row?  Those beautiful pink, lavender, and yellow wedges?  What a perfect introduction into our next trend.

Color blocking.  One of God’s gifts to the earth.  Color blocking is a technique where many different colors and types of fabric are sewn together to create one garment with several colors, sometimes in abstract shapes.  This is definitely a trend that I’ve been seeing everywhere.  Living on a college campus really exposes you to all of the different types of fashion available.  For example, there is one girl in my class that dresses absolutely adorable every single day, and she is constantly trying new things and inspiring me to be more open in my own style.  This top is perfect for this season – it’s pastel and it uses color blocking!  It’s also cool if you’re not ready to fully dive into the color blocking trend, because it can be a little intimidating at first!

Color blocking on the runway!  One important thing to note is that color blocking does not always have to be on one garment!  Color blocking could be just pairing items with items of a completely different color to create a larger illusion, like in the picture on the right above.

More color blocking on the runway!  You can kind of tell by looking at these photos which colors are “in” right now as well.

Here is a really interesting use of color blocking.  All three pieces above almost look like the same dress, but they are actually not.  This is a great example of a more abstract, shapely design because it uses several different shapes in it’s pattern.  I love these three colors together…nail inspiration?

And of course, I have to include shoes.  The cool thing about color blocked shoes is that you can wear them with a plain color that is included in the shoe, or just with a white or black shirt or dress!  My favorites from above are shoes number one, three, four, and eight.  If you go to the link in the caption of the photo, you can find where to buy every pair of shoes if you really fall in love with one (or all) of them!

Now because this is primarily a nail art blog, who would I be if I did not include some color blocking nail art designs?

This nail blogger calls this manicure the “Funky French Manicure”.  I would consider this color blocking because there are several different colors and it is really abstract!

Here is something a little more complex, maybe to use as an accent nail.

This is my absolute favorite of the three.  It encompasses what I believe to be the definition of color blocking.  It uses bold colors, pastels, and different shapes to achieve something that is so interesting and pretty to look at.  I might have to try this if I ever find the patience to do so!

So what do you think of these Spring 2012 trends?  What shades can you see yourself in this season?  And are you daring enough to try the color blocking trend?  Or would you rather keep the crazy colors on your nails?  Let me know what you think!  Have a wonderful rest of the day!  (P.S.  Today is Friday.  🙂 )

In Love With Lace

I’m not sure if this is a trend anymore, but I don’t really mind.  Lace…to me…is in.

I’m not really a big fan of tank tops and strapless shirts.  I’m not sure exactly why, but I have just never found anything that I like.  Maybe it’s because I have broad shoulders.  Hmm.

This is one of the reasons why I love lace so much.  It can be short sleeved, quarter length sleeved, or long sleeved, but it still has a ton of breathing room because it’s lace.  Not only is it perfect for warm weather, but it is just plain classy.  It can be dressed down and casual enough to wear to class, or dressed up and romantic enough for a first date.  It’s so versatile and chic, and that is why I love it!

Here are a few of my favorite lace pieces so far this season:

Found this one on Tumblr. If anyone knows where it's from, let me know please!

This is a piece that can be worn so many different ways.  You could wear it anytime, anywhere because the material is breathable.  You could pair this with jeans and boots, shorts and heels, or even tuck it into a plain colored skirt.  As for what goes underneath, a cream colored tank top or any color bandeau you are daring enough to wear!

This skirt is absolutely adorable.  I love how it is worn here with a long sleeved, beige shirt.  It doesn’t distract from the lace on the skirt, which is perfect.  This would definitely be something I would wear to a nice day on the town with some friends or even maybe on a lunch date.  Pair it with some nude heels or brown booties, and you’re set!

If you’re looking for a one-piece lace item, this dress is definitely something you should look into!  I am sure this dress comes in several different colors, because this dark blue color seems a little out of season for the Spring and Summer.  I actually just bought a cream color dress that looks almost exactly like this at Forever 21 about a month ago.  It came with a skinny, cream belt and now I am on the search for a jean jacket or vest to wear over it.  A dress is quite easy to wear, because you can just throw it on, accessorize, pick some cute shoes, and you’re set for the day.  If it’s lace, that makes it even better because now you look adorable and classy.

Found this one on Pinterest. If anyone knows where it's from, let me know please!

These shorts are darling!  I love how lace is used as an accessory here, and these actually look like they’d be easy to DIY.  I might just have to try this myself when I get out of school…

Here is another lace shirt, but short sleeved.  I really like how it is paired with a pair of pink pants, but in reality I would never wear pants like that because I’m quite short.  I’m not sure if I’m ready to venture out into skinny, colored pants yet.  But nonetheless, this shirt could be paired with shorts or jeans.

The sleeves on this shirt are stunning.  The lace design isn’t too intricate – it’s very simple!  I really want to find this shirt.  Even though it is cream and kind of plain, the sleeves make it a shirt worth wearing with any type of bottoms.  I also love how this model wore a long-chained bright-colored necklace!  It is perfect to offset the cream color of the shirt without being too attention grabbing.

Personally, I don’t have anywhere to wear a dress as fancy as this, but I just wanted to discuss the way lace is used.  I love how the top of this dress is plain and not lace, and the skirt is.  It really uses the lace to dress up the piece and make it quite fancy.  Along with the big pink ribbon, this dress is perfect for a spring party or a birthday party!

Last but not least, there is this dress.  Along with my current lace obsession, I’m also falling in love with the backless trend.  Dresses that are backless are sexy without being too sexy, because your front is still covered!  This dress is beautiful because it is backless…in the shape of a heart.  The link in the caption above will take you to a website where you can buy this dress.

All in all, lace is something I will be wearing quite often throughout the spring and summer.  I will also probably be wearing a lot of it in Mexico, because I’m expecting the weather to be warm but not super warm!

What is your favorite trend right now?  Do you have any favorite lace pieces to share with me?  I would love to buy them I mean, check them out!

Oh, You Trendy, Huh?

Now I may not be a nail polish expert, but I shop for polish enough to know what’s in and what’s out.  I would never deem a certain type or color of nail polish “out”, more like under the radar, waiting to come out and have it’s turn in the spotlight again.

Spring has sprung, but where I live I can’t even tell.  At the moment it is gloomy and pouring rain and it is supposed to be that way all week.  I don’t mind the rain too much, but it isn’t too color inspiring for nail art!  Regardless, I have still been paying attention to what polishes are trendy for Spring 2012.  I’ve given up buying nail polish for lent (like I think I have said before) but I still check out what my local shops are currently selling every time I go shopping.  So here’s a little rundown of what I have noticed so far!

Nudes: Nudes have become extremely popular.  A lot of different shades fall into the category of “nude”, and they are all unique in their own way.

Photo Credit:

However, nudes can be difficult to shop for.  Here is a collection featured on Zoya’s website.  It is called the “Touch Collection”, and it is made up of three different shades of nude – “Minka”, “Shay”, and “Pandora” (not in the same order as the image above).  This was a really smart idea on Zoya’s part, because with three different nudes most of their customers can find a shade that complements their skin tone.  I have not taken a dive into the “nude” pool yet, or should I say, gone skinny dipping.  My skin color is more of an olive/yellow shade so finding a polish that doesn’t look like someone got sick on my nails proves to be quite difficult.  I found this site though: Your Nude Nail Polish Guide and it has very detailed advice on how to find the perfect shade for your skin.  Have you gone into the “nude” territory yet?  What’s your favorite nude shade this spring?

Corals: This beautiful shade of orangey-pink is popping up everywhere.  I am constantly seeing it on runways, in stores, and even on other girls’ nails!  Depending on the shade you pick out, your coral could be bright and flashy or muted and pastel.  I think that Essie has a beautiful selection of corals.

Photo Credit:

This color is called “Tart Deco”.  I am trying to get my hands on this color as soon as I can.  It is a beautiful, light coral color that would complement tan spring/summer skin on anyone!

Photo Credit:

“Braziliant” is a bright coral that leans more toward the orange side of the spectrum.  I could also seen this on some super tan skin!

Photo Credit:

This cute pinky coral is called “Mango Bango”, and it’s another one that I want to own!

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The brightest coral of the bunch: “Orange It’s Obvious”.  This is still considered a coral, even though it looks super orange.  This is perfect for the sunny weather, which I am looking forward to!

Teals and Pistachios: I am so happy to see this color really becoming more popular!  When I first starting really getting into nail polish, I strayed from blues and greens but now I can’t get enough of them!

This is my absolute favorite light blue, China Glaze’s “For Audrey”.  It’s a tiffany blue, which has a little bit of teal/green in it.  I love to layer it under glitters and flakes, but now that it’s Spring, I’ll be sporting it plain!

This is just the cutest Spring color ever!  Essie’s “Poised and Polished” just reminds me of a field of flowers!  It would be super cute under some hot pink and purple polka dots!

Hot Pinks and Neons: Hot pink always seems to be a trend in the Spring and Summer.  It’s basically a classic – a staple item for any nail polish lover!  If you don’t have a hot pink in your collection, I would highly recommend China Glaze’s “Pool Party”!

I have also seen a lot of neon yellow…not a color I plan on wearing anytime soon, but hey, there’s a time and a place for everything!

Effects: There are so many new polishes coming out that have special effects to them!  My favorite right now is Essie’s “Shine of the Times”, a flakie that changes colors in the sun!  This will definitely be something I might need to buy another bottle of during the summer…

I know this is from last fall’s Orly Mineral FX collection, but this is what I’m talking about.  Polishes that are just packed full of different shimmers and sparkles and things that make it unique!  This is “Rococo A Go Go”…and my Bucket of Polish list keeps growing.

One of the last trends I am going to talk about is the nail art trend.  This trend has been going on for a while and I don’t see it stopping any time soon.  It seems like everyday there is a new nail art trend that everyone is trying – from newspaper nails to half moons to ruffian…it’s never ending!  I am excited to see what emerges this spring with all of the bright and unique colors that are coming out!

I am completely aware that some of you may not agree with what I believe the Spring trends are this year, so this is where I want to hear what you have to say!  What do you think the trends are for this Spring?  What colors will you be wearing, regardless of if they’re “in” or “out”?  Let me know!

P.S.  Keep your eyes out tomorrow for a new nail art tutorial!  I’ve been planning this one all week! 🙂