I’ll Wear It, Even If It’s Out of Style: Dollish Polish “What’s This? What’s This?” Swatch

Now I know it’s not Halloween anymore (thank the high heavens), but that doesn’t mean that polishes I bought that were themed around Halloween aren’t cool anymore.  Plus, this polish could be considered Halloween or Christmas.  😉

So I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite Halloween/Christmas movies is The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I’m obsessed with Tim Burton films because they are dark and hilarious, and the art is just so inspiring.  When I found out that Dollish Polish had an entire collection centered around this movie, I literally jumped out of my seat.  However, on a college budget, I couldn’t afford to buy every single polish like I wanted to, or even a couple.

Then…one magical day, Dollish Polish announced on Facebook that she was selling her Halloween polishes at discounted polishes until they ran out.  I was at work at the time, but I hopped on Facebook and tried to add the one I had my eye on into my cart…of course, there were none left.  Just like I did with “Team Salvatore”, I kept trying to add it to my cart until finally, I GOT ONE!  Yes!

So here I have for you is Dollish Polish “What’s This?  What’s This?” over Pomegranate Nail Lacquer’s Velvet Lounge, one of my favorite purples ever!  This is a complete glitter bomb full of tons of different colors and shapes of glitters: white hexes, white bars, orange hexes, green hexes, black hexes, black micro-glitters, purple hexes, purple squares, and black square glitters!  WOW!



I have seen this polish over black, but there are black glitters in this polish that I really wanted to try and show!
It took a little bit of dabbing and placement, but it was absolutely worth it!  I got so many complements on this glitter and when I told them it was Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired, they all were not surprised!



Dollish Polish did a really good job of creating her polishes to be themed around The Nightmare Before Christmas, and she has definitely created some one-of-a-kind polishes that you will never find anywhere else.  I don’t believe that she is selling them anymore, but if you were lucky enough to get one I’m interested to see which is your favorite!  Do you love Tim Burton movies as much as I do?

What’s on your nails right now?  Will you continue to wear your favorite Halloween polishes far after the holiday?
I know I will!


Sunny’s Cuticle Oil Review

Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons, but they always do a number on my hands.  The cold weather makes it impossible to keep my hands silky smooth, and my cuticles fall victim to the cold as well!  Normally I just use a cuticle butter, but when I’m on the go from class to class I figured I’d need something much easier.  After some searching I finally came across 365 Days of Color Polishes‘ product Sunny’s Cuticle Oil, which comes conveniently in little roller ball containers for you to apply quick and easy no matter where you are!

The coolest part about Sunny’s Cuticle Oil is that it comes is SO MANY different scents to choose from.  There are different categories like food related scents, floral and woodsy scents, seasonal scents, even a men’s scent section!  Also, you can buy a single 10 mL bottle for $4 or a sample pack of three 5 mL bottles for $6.  I chose the sample pack because I wanted to have as many different scents as I could!


After a LOT of deliberation (and I’m not exaggerating, it took me over a week to place this order because I simply could not choose), I chose Pink Sugar, Christmas Cookies, and Black Amethyst.  I am now going to attempt to describe these scents to you, and I will literally smell them as I’m typing.  Remember that everyone smells things a little differently, so my interpretation will be very personal and kind of humorous because I’m in a silly mood right now.
Pink Sugar – This smells like sugar.  Period.  It’s super sweet and smells good enough to eat and is definitely my favorite!
Christmas Cookies – This doesn’t smell as sweet as Pink Sugar, but it’s still sweet!  It smells like warm sugar, butter, and vanilla baking in a kitchen.
Black Amethyst – A more mature scent…kind of musky but in a vanilla-rose kind of way.  I can’t figure this one out!


As you can see, it comes in a little bottle with a roller ball on top!


What you do is roll it onto you cuticles and nails and let it sit for a few minutes.  After letting it soak in, massage it in with your finger tips!


Here is what my hands looks like after massaging it in!  It left my nails really shiny but not greasy!  As you can see, my cuticles are really moisturized as well!



I use this product all the time now.  When I’m sitting in class (usually bored) or I notice my cuticles are looking kind of sad, I pull out the cuticle oil I chose to put in my bag for the day and roll it on!  Everyone around me will usually say, “Oh my gosh what is that it smells so good?!” or “Where did you get that?!”  I usually give them the website and tell them it’s such a yummy and great product for such a good price and that they should definitely buy their own.  🙂

What do you use on your cuticles in the fall and winter?  Do you have any of Sunny’s Cuticle Oils?  Go check out the different choices she has and let me know what you order (because you totally should order some)!!!

Pomegranate Nail Lacquer “Midnight Satellite” Swatch and Review

A couple of weeks ago I showed you some really cool nail art with Pomegranate Nail Lacquer’s “Curator”, and now I have for you another beautiful Pomegranate color swatch!

This color is called Midnight Satellite.  I would describe it as a teal-green jelly polish with silver shimmer.  It is a beautiful fall shade, but at the same time it is full of color!

Here are a lot of different pictures of the color under several different lights!  These pictures are all done with two thick coats of Midnight Satellite.  Because it is a little bit like a jelly, you need two thick coats or three thin coats to get no VNL.  However, it wasn’t really that much of a problem with me! Just something I noticed that I wanted to mention.  🙂





Honestly, I have a hard time wearing blues and greens on my nails.  When I first started with this color, I was a little bit hesitant as to if I was going to like it or not, but I have finally decided that I love it!  It isn’t too green or too blue, and it isn’t too bright!

What do you think about this color?  Visit Pomegranate Nail Lacquer‘s website and check out their fall collection! 🙂

Vampire Diaries and Glitterbombs

Happy hump day!  Ahh, Wednesdays – the halfway point of the race to finish the work week as quickly as possible.

I personally hate Wednesdays.  I used to love them (because I just like the word ‘wednesday’) but not they are the most busy day of my week.  I get to sleep in until anytime before 12:30 p.m., but then I have class from 12:30 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. and then 4:00 p.m. to 10 p.m.  Then I have to do homework and get to bed as quickly as possible, because I have to wake up at 6:30 a.m. on Thursdays.  Boo.

On a side note, I am excited for this day to be over and tomorrow to be halfway over, because then I get to go home!  The season premiere of Vampire Diaries is on Thursday (YAY YAY YAY) and I’m going home to watch it with my sister.  Over the summer, we used our Netflix account to it’s full potential and caught up on several seasons of shows ranging from Breaking Bad to Gossip Girl, and luckily many of the shows are still on TV now and starting up again this fall!

I am OBSESSED with Vampire Diaries.  I love the story and the characters – and every episode breaks my heart and makes me want to keep watching.  So when I discovered that Dollish Polish sold a polish called “Team Salvatore” I rushed over to her website and placed an order without any hesitation.


First I’d like to note how healthy my naked nails are looking right now.  I’ve been using Sally Hansen’s Triple Strong and it is working wonders on my nails.  They rarely break, they are so strong, and the yellowish tint from wearing polish so often is disappearing!  I absolutely love it – it’s definitely my favorite.


I started off with a coat of one of my go-to fall polishes, OPI’s Black Cherry Chutney.  It is a dark, deep vampy red with a little bit of shimmer in the sun.  I chose it because it kind of looks black without being black, because there are black glitters in Team Salvatore and I wanted to try and show them off as much as possible.


Here is the beauty – Dollish Polish’s Team Salvatore.  I spent thirty minutes on her website clicking the “add to cart” button until I had two bottles in there, because it kept telling me that they were sold old.  I knew it wasn’t true, so I kept trying and my dreams came true!


A little bit closer up – there are fine silver glitters, small silver hexes, small red hexes, small black squares, and small red square glitters in here!  It is a mish-mash of vampiric colors that totally go along with the TV show.


And…picture spam.




Me taking pictures of my nails in three different environments: my room, the Alpha Phi house, and in class.
No big deal.

This polish is absolutely gorgeous.  I like how shimmery it is, and I love the red squares the most!  I want to try putting it over a white polish base, so that way you can see the black glitters too!  But…it’s fall and I’m trying to transition to dark colors, so I thought Black Cherry Chutney would be perfect.  🙂

How do you feel about this polish?  More importantly, are you Team Stefan or Team Damon?


Pomegranate Nail Lacquer Fall 2012 Swatch and Nail Art (Finally!)

Happy Friday to you all!  Yes, technically it is Friday because it is 12:09 am.

Remember my post about the Pomegranate Nail Lacquer Fall 2012 collection?  Well…today I have one of those beautiful colors to show you!  This is Curator.  It is a black jelly base filled with silver and gold hex glitter.  It was opaque in two coats, but I will suggest that you put one coat of it over black to get the best results.  🙂  Below, you can see two coats of Curator with a top coat.




I wish that I had a better camera to take micro shots.  I’m sure I will be wearing this polish many times this season, so you will be seeing more of it.  This polish is totally worth the wait from ordering it online, so head on over and pick up Curator (and any other colors of course) because they are awesome and really great quality.

Now I absolutely love this color, but I really was in the mood to do some nail art!
Finally!  Nail art!  You guys haven’t seen any nail art for a long time! 🙂


First, I painted all of my nails China Glaze “Flip Flop Fantasy”, my favorite hot pink ever.


After it is completely dry, rip off a piece of scotch tape from the dispenser.  Now…here is my reasoning for using scotch tape.  I wanted to get a really nice clean edge on the tape, and I didn’t feel like cutting up masking tape.  The scotch tape worked perfectly because the corner was perfect with straight lines.  I would like to mention that because scotch tape is a little more sticky than masking tape, I stuck the scotch tape onto my pants (leggings, haha) before I laid it on my nail.

Align it so that the tape makes a nice triangle going down the center of your nail towards your cuticle.


Paint one coat of black polish.  This is just a basic Sally Hansen black polish.


Remove the tape, and yes it is going to be very messy.  Also, as you can see, I didn’t clean up my cuticle at all during the process because I figured they would just get dirty again.


Repeat on all of your nails.  To fix the little jagged edges that come from the scotch tape, I used a black striping brush to make cleaner edges and fix any uneven sides.


Because I’m currently in love with Curator, I put one coat of that over the black and ta-da!


This is probably one of the best designs I have ever done.  I have literally been wearing it for three hours, and every sorority sister and Target employee I have come into contact with has complimented them (or maybe I’m just imaging that part).  I love the glitter in Curator and how it is buried in the black jelly – polishes with the glitter already in them make me happy, especially when they are Pomegranate Nail Lacquer.

Don’t go anywhere too far, because I have another Pomegranate Nail Lacquer Fall 2012 to show you soon!  I’ll do some cool nail art with that as well.  🙂

Enjoy your weekend!  🙂

Sand Art: Pretty and Polished Swatch

Happy Friday everyone!  AHH!
Number one, I’m excited because today is Friday!  That means…weekend!
Number two, I have my second Pretty and Polished swatches to show you!


I had a hard time figuring out what color to put under Sand Art.  I have seen some people wear it alone with two or three coats, but I got myself a mini bottle and I don’t want to waste it all so quickly!  This is Color Club’s Age of Aquarius.





And a bunch of random photos!  This is two coats of Sand Art!

This is a very different polish for me.  I really love it, but I have never had a matte glitter polish before!  Because the glitters are matte, it kind of looks more like speckled eggs than glitter…or maybe that colorful sand art, duh!  I love the random colors in this polish as well, fine blue, neon yellow, and pink glitters with a little bit of larger purple!  It is so pretty and can really look good over any color!  On this polish, some of the colors are kind of drowned out, but I love it regardless!  I’d love to see it over black or white.

What do you think of this Pretty and Polished polish?  What color should I put it over?!

P.S.  A really great review is coming your way…

Deborah Lippmann “The Stripper to Go” Review

Finally!  A bit of spare time to get up a review for you all!  The beautiful ladies (and probably some handsome gentlemen) over at Nail Polish Canada sent me some of these Deborah Lippmann “The Stripper to Go” Lacquer Remover Finger Mitts to review.  I have to apologize first to taking so long to review this product because I had them shipped to my house but they weren’t delivered there until after I had already moved away to school.  Because of that, I had to wait a week until I could go home on the weekend and pick them up.  I was so excited to try these out because I haven’t heard of them before, but I encountered a few problems that I’m interested in seeing if anyone else experienced.


This product comes in an adorably lilac colored package that you could most definitely stick in your purse or make-up bag.  It would be much easier to travel around with these rather than a huge bottle of nail polish remover and some cotton balls.


Now what this product is is a lavender and acetone finger mitt that claims to remove the polish off of all ten fingers.


This mitt smells like acetone and a little bit of lavender, and I think it’s because it isn’t actually scented like lavender but it just has some sort of extract it in.


After putting the mitt on my thumb and letting it sit for about ten seconds, I began to rub it onto my nail and then removed the mitt.  TADA!  This is what I saw.  The first thing I noticed was that the acetone didn’t dry out my cuticles or skin like it usually does, so that must be the work of the lavender.  I continued using the mitt on all five of my nails…but as you can see below I had a little bit of an issue.


I skipped my ring finger because I figured it was glitter and it would be hard to remove, so I went straight to my pink.  For some reason, my nail polish just wouldn’t come off!  I kept rubbing and trying to get it off, but those two little spots of polish just wanted to stay forever!  It seems like the mitt dried out or something!

I was a little disappointed in this…but I am definitely willing to try this again.  I still have a few left to try, so next time I take off my polish I will use the mitt.  Thanks again to Nail Polish Canada for this product!  Everyone should check out their website (especially if you live in Canada), because they sell a really wide variety of salon brand polishes and Konad products!


This is what’s on my nails right now!  The weather has been a little bit chilly these past couple of days, and to me that means Fall is coming so I thought I’d get in one last hurrah of bright color before I break out my dark colors.  This is China Glaze’s Flip Flop Fantasy (which I finally found and bought immediately).  The color is not as pink as it is in this photo, it is more coral and neon then that!  I originally did one accent nail, but thought two accent nails would be really cool, especially because it looks like one of those “every other nail” designs.  I really wish you could see exactly what color Flip Flop Fantasy is!  It’s my new favorite!  Here is a better photo on this website:

FACE Stockholm Nail Polish Review – My New Favorite Brand!

I think I have discovered my new favorite brand of nail polish. You know I love my OPI, but I have discovered something new and it makes me really excited, so I think I might have a new favorite.

FACE Stockholm is not only a nail polish company but they also sell high-end makeup, makeup brushes, skin care products, bags, and even sunglasses! FACE Stockholm was founded in 1982 by Gun Nowack in Sweden. She owned three fashion boutiques but decided to start a makeup company because she couldn’t find products in the colors that she wanted to match the fashion trend at the time – neon! Her first shop in 1982 was extremely successful, and as the business grew larger Nowack enlisted her daughter in New York for help. Since then, both of their passions and creativity combined have made the large company we know now.

FACE Stockholm products are available through mail order, online, or in one of their 50 locations worldwide. Unfortunately, the only two retail shops in the United States are in New York, and I’m not sure if they sell at stores like Nordstroms! Either way, ordering online is good enough for me!

FACE Stockholm was nice enough to send me six gorgeous colors to try out and review for you all! All of the swatches below are three thin coats of polish, minus the glitter which I did in two coats.

I have been waiting so long to be able to get this post up on Nails of Many Colors, and now that it’s finally here I can barely contain my excitement!



As you can see just by looking, these colors are extremely pigmented and bright. They are just popping out of the pictures!


This glitter polish is #86. The website describes it as a “sparkle gravender” which I’m guessing means grey and lavender.


In the shade, this color is very light. It is made of really fine silver and pink glitter.


This is two coats of glitter, and it covers pretty well! What I like the most about this glitter is that it is really stunning but not overly bright. It is a really light glitter that you could wear any day in any season, or just put over another color for sparkle!


I guess a blurry picture is the best way to see the truly sparkle in this polish! The tiny silver sparkles are holographic, so in the sun it really is just absolutely eye-catching!


This is #76, and on the website is is a “shimmer fuchsia”. The ONLY problem that I have with the FACE Stockholm website is that the colors and descriptions on the site do not accurately portray the colors in the bottle. This polish is gorgeous, but it isn’t described on the website the way that it is. This is a fuchsia color with almost a blue-green iridescent shimmer.


I really wish the pictures picked up the shimmer, but you can kind of see it in the photo above. I also used this color in my last post about bigRuby Nail Tattoos. It is what I have on my nails right now, and all of my friends are in love!


The perfect summer color!


Beautiful #148 – “cream periwinkle”. This one is perfectly described on the website, and it will be one of my go-to polishes for the fall.


In the shade it looks a little bit more lavender, but trust me it is definitely a perfect periwinkle!


This picture is more accurate. I had to be really careful with this polish, because it was little bit streaky. However, with two thick coats I think it will be perfect. There is no shimmer either, which is perfect because in the fall and winter I look for more cream polishes than shimmers or metallics.


This is #61, “shimmer violet night”. This one is definitely darker than it was shown to be on the website. In the bottle you can kind of see the shimmer, but it honestly looks black.


In the shade, unfortunately, black.


You can KIND OF see the purple in this polish on my thumb. In the sun and in person, this is a really dark, vampy, beautiful polish, but in photos and in the bottle it is very dark.


This is definitely another fall color, and while this polish is stunning I wish it was better represented on the website.


#67, “hot mango”. On the website this is depicted as more of a bright, creamy orange. In reality, it is a neon orange (which I have no problem with).


This pictures are actually a good representation of the color. It is just as bright in person as in the photos!


Application was good, but as with many neons it is a bit streaky and dries matte. Also, try to avoid getting it on your cuticles. It was a little hard to get off, and this was actually the first color that I swatched so if you look carefully you will be able to spot the orange cuticles.


Oh. My. Gosh. This is my new favorite color. It is a bright bubblegum pink but it isn’t too bright or too pink!


Love love love. It has a little bit of an iridescent shimmer which I think keeps it from being too bright.


Now here is the most amazing part. I chose to wear this polish on my trip to Mexico because I figured it would look great with tan skin and it would be bright in the Mexico sun. The photo below is what it looked like after five days of wear and tear, swimming in chlorine pool water, splashing around in the ocean, and applying a ton of sun screen and tanning lotion.


Are you kidding me?! It didn’t chip at all! The only thing you can see is the growth at the bottom of the nail, but it did not chip at all! I was shocked, and I think this is one of the reasons I love this brand so much…because all of the polishes are super long lasting.


I was trying to do a little nail polish photo shoot, and again my kitten just had to get in the picture.
He is so cute, but so funny.

I really urge all of you to explore FACE Stockholm and order a few polishes. The colors are gorgeous and you won’t be able to find anything like them! They are also extremely long lasting! Each bottle retails for $12. They also have three crackle shades to choose from.

You can visit the website here!

Which of these six is your favorite FACE Stockholm shade? Have you ever tried this brand?
Go visit the website and tell me which ones you would love to try! I’m on my way there now to pick out some new colors. 🙂

bigRuby Nail Tattoos Review

School will be back in session soon and whether you will be attending a university, high school, or even grade school, we are all going to be in need of anything that can possibly save time.  I don’t know about you, but during the semester I always have trouble balancing my time and finding a way to fit classes, homework, work, my sorority, socializing, blogging, and the gym into my crazy schedule.  What’s a girl to do?

About a month ago I was looking around the internet for new nail polishes and brands that were popping up.  I came across bigRuby Nail Tattoos, a small company that designs temporary nail tattoos that work just like a temporary tattoo would on your skin!  As of right now, they have eleven different packages you can choose from and they also sell a Super Dry Top Coat that they specifically recommend using with their tattoos.  These tattoos are perfect if you want an effortless design or something that is unique!  All of their packages contain tattoos that (most) nail artists couldn’t do freehand!

What I love most about bigRuby Nail Tattoos is that they are cruelty-free and with every purchase, a portion of the money goes to The Kindness Ranch, an animal rescue for research animals.

bigRuby was kind enough to send me two of their brand new tattoo packages, the His and Hers collection!



In each package, there are two sheets of nail tattoos that are identical and there are 92 tattoos in total!  That’s a lot of tattoos!  The His collection has always caught my eye even though it is made up of mostly black and brown tattoos because it has sunglasses, mustaches, bow ties, and even crowns!  The Hers collection is really colorful and has lips, diamonds, roses, keys, and even cute little kitties.


I decided that I was going to put some reallocate mustaches on my nails.  The first step is to cut out your nails tattoos.


There were two different kinds of mustaches, but I wanted to keep it classy with a straight stache.  What I love the most about these nail tattoos is that the design is printed on the back of the tattoo so that what when you are placing it on your nail, you can see exactly where the tattoo is.  That makes it SO much easier.  Thanks bigRuby!  Next, peel off the protective plastic that is covering the tattoo.  Be careful not to touch the tattoo or accidentally flip it upside down, because it will stick to any surface!


Place the tattoo very carefully on your nail, and don’t drop it down until you are 100% sure that you have it in the right spot.  On my left hand, I accidentally dropped the tattoo a little too close to the edge of my nail, but I couldn’t fix it because it had already stuck to my nail!  Also, you don’t have to have polish on your nails!  You can do this on a bare nail as well. 🙂



Using a wet towel or cloth, press down the nail tattoo for 15 seconds.


Remove the towel and…


TA DA!  A perfect little mustache for you fingernails!




I put mine on my middle finger and laid it sideways so I could hold it up to my face and it would really look like a mustache.
I know, weird.
When it is fully dried, top your nail tattoo with two coats of a top coat.  I was wondering why it needed two…until I banged my finger and a piece of my mustache came off.  I added another coat and I haven’t had any problems since!  Listen to bigRuby!  They are smart, they know what’s up!


Every time I take pictures outside, my kitten puts himself in the photo.  It’s so hilarious, I had to show you guys.
As you can see, the mustache on my left hand is little bit off center, but I don’t even care!  It is so funny!

bigRuby Nail Tattoo packages retail for $12 and you can buy them on the bigRuby website.  Sometimes their packages are on sale for $8 or even $6.50!

While I do love the idea of cute decals to place on your nails anytime and anywhere, I would really love to try the “Ikat” or “Line” package which contains lines and longer strips of designs.  I have never seen anything like this product before and I am definitely a loyal customer now.  I will be sharing these with everyone and will be visiting the website soon to purchase another package (or five)!

What do you think of these temporary nail tattoos?  Would you use them?
Which package off of the bigRuby website would you like to try most?

Pomegranate Nail Lacquer Review

Well hello everyone!  I have just returned from Puerto Vallarta – and yes, I’m very tan and sunburned at the same time.

Today I have something really new and exciting for you here on Nails of Many Colors!  I will be doing my very first official review!  Ahhh!!!  I am so excited to show you these beautiful colors and this really cool new nail polish brand I’ve discovered.


Pomegranate Nail Lacquer was founded by Tina, a woman with a passion for polish and a self-proclaimed obsession with color!  The name of her polish brand was inspired by the fruit, which “jewel-like seeds add an amazing pop of color”.  All three of the polishes I received were definitely a pop of color, and I have never seen anything like them before!  One of the best things about Pomegranate Nail Lacquer?  They are 4-free and don’t test on animals!


The three colors I received were “Enchanted Lagoon”, “Velvet Lounge”, and “Persimmon”.


This is “Enchanted Lagoon”, a springy green creme.  It was pretty opaque in two coats (which is what I used in the photos below), but you can always do three coats just to be sure!  This polish is amazing, it goes on perfectly smooth and I had no problems whatsoever!  However, if you are going to inspect my nails below, don’t be too harsh!  Immediately after painting them my mom got a phone call that my step-dad had been in a car accident and I had to rush over to the hospital!  He is perfectly fine, he got really lucky – but that is why there might be some imperfections.




Oh…this is just my really pretty ring that I got in Mexico!  It matched with the polish so I figured I’d show you all.  🙂



“Velvet Lounge” is the perfect purple.  It is so deep and is a pure purple without being black.  I actually did not own a purple that I actually liked prior to this polish, and this is absolutely perfect.  This is two coats, and like “Enchanted Lagoon” it went on smooth with no problems!





“Persimmon” is described on the website as a pinkish-orange with gold shimmer, but honestly I don’t see any pink!  It is just a light orange with a light gold shimmer!  This is the shade I was most excited about, because the only oranges I own are neons.  This looks great on tan skin and isn’t too-too bright.  It took three coats to be perfectly opaque, but I didn’t mind the extra coat because I love the color so much!




All three of the Pomegranate Nail Lacquer shades went on perfectly smooth, and the colors in the bottle looked exactly like the colors on the website.  I feel like sometimes that isn’t the case, and you end up getting colors you didn’t really expect.  You can only get these polishes online at http://www.pomegranatelacquer.com right now, but they are absolutely worth it!  Each polish is $9.00, and there are 16 amazing shades to choose from.

Right now I am wearing Persimmon and I can’t stop staring at my nails!  It is so shimmery and gorgeous, and I’ll be going to San Jose and Santa Cruz this week so I can’t wait to show everyone that I will be visiting!

Go check out the website, hurry!  What colors are you interested in?  Which of these three is your favorite?!
What is on your nails right now?!

*These products were sent to me for my review.  This is my honest opinion!