Sunny’s Cuticle Oil Review

Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons, but they always do a number on my hands.  The cold weather makes it impossible to keep my hands silky smooth, and my cuticles fall victim to the cold as well!  Normally I just use a cuticle butter, but when I’m on the go from class to class I figured I’d need something much easier.  After some searching I finally came across 365 Days of Color Polishes‘ product Sunny’s Cuticle Oil, which comes conveniently in little roller ball containers for you to apply quick and easy no matter where you are!

The coolest part about Sunny’s Cuticle Oil is that it comes is SO MANY different scents to choose from.  There are different categories like food related scents, floral and woodsy scents, seasonal scents, even a men’s scent section!  Also, you can buy a single 10 mL bottle for $4 or a sample pack of three 5 mL bottles for $6.  I chose the sample pack because I wanted to have as many different scents as I could!


After a LOT of deliberation (and I’m not exaggerating, it took me over a week to place this order because I simply could not choose), I chose Pink Sugar, Christmas Cookies, and Black Amethyst.  I am now going to attempt to describe these scents to you, and I will literally smell them as I’m typing.  Remember that everyone smells things a little differently, so my interpretation will be very personal and kind of humorous because I’m in a silly mood right now.
Pink Sugar – This smells like sugar.  Period.  It’s super sweet and smells good enough to eat and is definitely my favorite!
Christmas Cookies – This doesn’t smell as sweet as Pink Sugar, but it’s still sweet!  It smells like warm sugar, butter, and vanilla baking in a kitchen.
Black Amethyst – A more mature scent…kind of musky but in a vanilla-rose kind of way.  I can’t figure this one out!


As you can see, it comes in a little bottle with a roller ball on top!


What you do is roll it onto you cuticles and nails and let it sit for a few minutes.  After letting it soak in, massage it in with your finger tips!


Here is what my hands looks like after massaging it in!  It left my nails really shiny but not greasy!  As you can see, my cuticles are really moisturized as well!



I use this product all the time now.  When I’m sitting in class (usually bored) or I notice my cuticles are looking kind of sad, I pull out the cuticle oil I chose to put in my bag for the day and roll it on!  Everyone around me will usually say, “Oh my gosh what is that it smells so good?!” or “Where did you get that?!”  I usually give them the website and tell them it’s such a yummy and great product for such a good price and that they should definitely buy their own.  🙂

What do you use on your cuticles in the fall and winter?  Do you have any of Sunny’s Cuticle Oils?  Go check out the different choices she has and let me know what you order (because you totally should order some)!!!