A Jelly Sandwich that Looks Yummy Enough to Eat

When I first started seeing swatches of OPI’s Skyfall collection, I immediately made a list of the colors that I wanted.  They are all absolutely gorgeous (especially that Man with The Golden Gun!!!) but on a college student’s budget I had to be smart, so I chose my two favorites and purchased them as soon as I could find them.  I discovered a Merle Norman store close by my University, and they got it in before Ulta!  I grabbed my boyfriend (he’s the best, because he actually agreed to shop for nail polish and make-up with me) and ran to the store to pick up “The Living Daylights” and “Live and Let Die”.



This is one coat of strategically placed “The Living Daylights” over one two coats of Zoya’s “Katherine”.

P.S.  I won a giveaway hosted by Midnite Manicures!!!  I was so excited because I rarely win anything, and this prize was something I really really wanted!  I have been trying to make jelly sandwiches for a very long time, and this prize was the Zoya Fall 2012 Gloss collection!  They are absolutely perfect for jelly sandwiches, and there are three beautiful colors!  Thank you Midnite Manicures!  Everyone should go over and follow her blog, Jeanie is so sweet!  I even got a really cute handwritten card in my prize package.  🙂




After letting the glitter dry, I put one more coat of Katherine over the top and TA-DA!  An absolutely perfect jelly sandwich!  And Katherine is actually the color of real jelly, so it kind of looks good enough to eat.

I got so many compliments on this manicure – people said it looked like there were rhinestones in my nail polish!  The only thing about a jelly sandwich is that it kind of covers up the true colors of the glitter, and in this case the teal, light pink, and silver colors of The Living Daylights were sacrificed.  But that’s okay!  Because I love the way it turned out!

What colors and glitters do you usually use to make your jelly sandwiches?  Do you like strawberry or grape jelly better?
Have a great rest of the week! 🙂


Where Have You Been?

School is finally out!  I got through my week of finals and now I’m all moved home.  I’ve been looking forward to having a relaxing first week of summer and hanging out with my family, friends, and boyfriend (eeeee!!!) but of course, I got super sick.  My body always does that – get sick at the most unpleasant times.  But now that I’m home and have an unlimited amount of free time (until I get a job) I intend to do more nail art!  Unfortunately, now that I’m sick I don’t really feel like doing anything crazy, so I attempted a jelly sandwich.



I’m almost 90% sure I didn’t do this right.  I did two coats of a sheer pink polish my mom got for me at Gap, one coat of Ulta’s Pinyata-Yada-Yada, and one more coat of the sheer polish.  To me, it looks less like a jelly sandwich and more like a jawbreaker.  I’m just leaving it on right now because I don’t have the patience or energy to do anything else.

Do you guys have any advice about how to do a jelly sandwich?  Which polishes have you used and how did they work?  What would you recommend?  I really like the jelly sandwich look but I can’t figure out how to do it!