My First Holiday Giveaway!

I AM SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW!  You have all been so patient with me lately, because I haven’t posted for a whole month!  I have been extremely busy with the end of school, finals, and everything else I had to do!  But!  Don’t fear…the waiting was worth it!  I am now hosting my first holiday giveaway!  Yay!

Tina at Pomegranate Nail Lacquer was so kind and sent me one of her hottest new products to giveaway to one lucky reader.  It’s her new Holiday Gift Set!


The Pomegranate Nail Lacquer Holiday Gift Set contains:
– Two full sized Pomegranate Nail Lacquer polishes
– One baby ornament
– A pot of fine glitter

I chose two of my favorite polishes for you: Improv Show and Autemnesque.  They are gorgeous shades for the winter and even for the spring, summer, and fall.


I am so excited to be able to give out such a wonderful gift for the holidays.  Thank you Tina!

In order to enter, follow the Rafflecopter link below.  I’m sure you’re all familiar with the Rafflecopter widget!  You have one week from today to enter the giveaway!  I will try to send it out in time for Christmas, but I’m not completely knowledgeable about delivery dates and such around the holidays.  If it doesn’t make it to you by then, then it will be a bonus after Christmas gift before New Years!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I’ll Wear It, Even If It’s Out of Style: Dollish Polish “What’s This? What’s This?” Swatch

Now I know it’s not Halloween anymore (thank the high heavens), but that doesn’t mean that polishes I bought that were themed around Halloween aren’t cool anymore.  Plus, this polish could be considered Halloween or Christmas.  😉

So I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite Halloween/Christmas movies is The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I’m obsessed with Tim Burton films because they are dark and hilarious, and the art is just so inspiring.  When I found out that Dollish Polish had an entire collection centered around this movie, I literally jumped out of my seat.  However, on a college budget, I couldn’t afford to buy every single polish like I wanted to, or even a couple.

Then…one magical day, Dollish Polish announced on Facebook that she was selling her Halloween polishes at discounted polishes until they ran out.  I was at work at the time, but I hopped on Facebook and tried to add the one I had my eye on into my cart…of course, there were none left.  Just like I did with “Team Salvatore”, I kept trying to add it to my cart until finally, I GOT ONE!  Yes!

So here I have for you is Dollish Polish “What’s This?  What’s This?” over Pomegranate Nail Lacquer’s Velvet Lounge, one of my favorite purples ever!  This is a complete glitter bomb full of tons of different colors and shapes of glitters: white hexes, white bars, orange hexes, green hexes, black hexes, black micro-glitters, purple hexes, purple squares, and black square glitters!  WOW!



I have seen this polish over black, but there are black glitters in this polish that I really wanted to try and show!
It took a little bit of dabbing and placement, but it was absolutely worth it!  I got so many complements on this glitter and when I told them it was Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired, they all were not surprised!



Dollish Polish did a really good job of creating her polishes to be themed around The Nightmare Before Christmas, and she has definitely created some one-of-a-kind polishes that you will never find anywhere else.  I don’t believe that she is selling them anymore, but if you were lucky enough to get one I’m interested to see which is your favorite!  Do you love Tim Burton movies as much as I do?

What’s on your nails right now?  Will you continue to wear your favorite Halloween polishes far after the holiday?
I know I will!

Pomegranate Nail Lacquer “Midnight Satellite” Swatch and Review

A couple of weeks ago I showed you some really cool nail art with Pomegranate Nail Lacquer’s “Curator”, and now I have for you another beautiful Pomegranate color swatch!

This color is called Midnight Satellite.  I would describe it as a teal-green jelly polish with silver shimmer.  It is a beautiful fall shade, but at the same time it is full of color!

Here are a lot of different pictures of the color under several different lights!  These pictures are all done with two thick coats of Midnight Satellite.  Because it is a little bit like a jelly, you need two thick coats or three thin coats to get no VNL.  However, it wasn’t really that much of a problem with me! Just something I noticed that I wanted to mention.  🙂





Honestly, I have a hard time wearing blues and greens on my nails.  When I first started with this color, I was a little bit hesitant as to if I was going to like it or not, but I have finally decided that I love it!  It isn’t too green or too blue, and it isn’t too bright!

What do you think about this color?  Visit Pomegranate Nail Lacquer‘s website and check out their fall collection! 🙂

Moving on Up!

If you’re super in following and read nail polish/beauty blogs like me, you would have noticed that dozens of ladies (and some gents) are holding giveaways right now!  It’s getting closer to the holiday season, so Halloween and Christmas giveaways are just around the corner.

Also, if you follow Nails of Many Colors on Facebook (which you totally should) you would have noticed that I stated at 100 likes I would do a giveaway!  I’m not sure of the size of the giveaway, but it’s a giveaway nonetheless!  🙂

I’m at 76 likes right now…so it’s close!  Head on over, like the page, and spread the word!

I’m also getting more involved with sponsoring other giveaways on other blogs!  This way, we can all sort of link our blogs together and get the word out about more products and more points of view.  It’s really nice to be able to communicate with other nail bloggers too though, especially since I’m the only one I know of in my area.

I still have some really cool swatches to show you of fall polishes, like Pomegranate Nail Lacquer, OPI, 365 Days of Polish, and possibly some others as well!  Check back often and tell me what you think. 🙂

I hope your week has been going well, it’s almost over!

Pomegranate Nail Lacquer Fall 2012 Swatch and Nail Art (Finally!)

Happy Friday to you all!  Yes, technically it is Friday because it is 12:09 am.

Remember my post about the Pomegranate Nail Lacquer Fall 2012 collection?  Well…today I have one of those beautiful colors to show you!  This is Curator.  It is a black jelly base filled with silver and gold hex glitter.  It was opaque in two coats, but I will suggest that you put one coat of it over black to get the best results.  🙂  Below, you can see two coats of Curator with a top coat.




I wish that I had a better camera to take micro shots.  I’m sure I will be wearing this polish many times this season, so you will be seeing more of it.  This polish is totally worth the wait from ordering it online, so head on over and pick up Curator (and any other colors of course) because they are awesome and really great quality.

Now I absolutely love this color, but I really was in the mood to do some nail art!
Finally!  Nail art!  You guys haven’t seen any nail art for a long time! 🙂


First, I painted all of my nails China Glaze “Flip Flop Fantasy”, my favorite hot pink ever.


After it is completely dry, rip off a piece of scotch tape from the dispenser.  Now…here is my reasoning for using scotch tape.  I wanted to get a really nice clean edge on the tape, and I didn’t feel like cutting up masking tape.  The scotch tape worked perfectly because the corner was perfect with straight lines.  I would like to mention that because scotch tape is a little more sticky than masking tape, I stuck the scotch tape onto my pants (leggings, haha) before I laid it on my nail.

Align it so that the tape makes a nice triangle going down the center of your nail towards your cuticle.


Paint one coat of black polish.  This is just a basic Sally Hansen black polish.


Remove the tape, and yes it is going to be very messy.  Also, as you can see, I didn’t clean up my cuticle at all during the process because I figured they would just get dirty again.


Repeat on all of your nails.  To fix the little jagged edges that come from the scotch tape, I used a black striping brush to make cleaner edges and fix any uneven sides.


Because I’m currently in love with Curator, I put one coat of that over the black and ta-da!


This is probably one of the best designs I have ever done.  I have literally been wearing it for three hours, and every sorority sister and Target employee I have come into contact with has complimented them (or maybe I’m just imaging that part).  I love the glitter in Curator and how it is buried in the black jelly – polishes with the glitter already in them make me happy, especially when they are Pomegranate Nail Lacquer.

Don’t go anywhere too far, because I have another Pomegranate Nail Lacquer Fall 2012 to show you soon!  I’ll do some cool nail art with that as well.  🙂

Enjoy your weekend!  🙂

Pomegranate Nail Lacquer Fall Collection Preview

Ladies!  I am still here, I promise!  I have missed you all so much, but I have also missed the luxury of sleeping, eating at regular times of the day, and relaxing!  I just started fieldwork this week, so I’m in a little kindergarten classroom interacting with the kids.  It is so much fun and I know I chose the right profession.  🙂  I also have so much sorority stuff to do, because we are currently planning all of our philanthropy events and getting our Fall 2012 new member class!  Luckily, this upcoming week should be a lot less busy.  I ordered a couple of handmade polishes off of Etsy, so as soon as those babies come in they will be all over this blog!

In the meantime, I have some really exciting news!  Remember my review on the Pomegranate Nail Lacquer?  Those amazing, colorful polishes?  I just received news that they are releasing their Fall 2012 collection!  Let me just tell you these colors are absolutely beautiful and not like anything I have ever seen in a Fall collection!

These seven exclusive shades are meant to represent the colors and feelings of autumn, fashion, and the arts.

Are these not the most beautiful colors you have ever seen?!  I am SO excited, you don’t even know!
The names of these colors are adorable as well!

From left to right:
Lust in the Library: It’s getting cozy in the campus study.  This eggplant creme polish is rich, glossy, and pretty damn sexy!
Cardigan: Because who doesn’t love a comfy cardigan sweater?  This teal jelly polish will become your new favorite splash of color.  (It is more teal than it appears in the photos.)
Autumnesque: A shimmery coppery polish that reflects russet leaves, apple cider, and all that is best about fall.
Curator: A fashionable night out captured in a bottle – this luxurious black polish is packed with gold and silver glitter.
Improv Show: Lights, stage, and laugher!  This dark purple polish is flecked with silver sparkle to reflect the darkness of the theater and the bright spotlights.
Midnight Satellite: This deep midnight teal polish is flecked with silver sparkle and recalls a crisp, cool, starry autumn night.
Cuddles: A romantic dusty rose shimmer for laid-back and lovely  moments.

Okay ladies at Pomegranate Nail Lacquer, how am I EVER supposed to pick which polishes I want?!  I will probably be getting most of these…they are all way to lovely to chose from!  Definitely Curator, Improv Show, Midnight Sattelite, and Cuddles though.

These polishes will be available for sale at the Pomegranate Nail Lacquer website starting on Monday, September 17th!
Please head over there and grab a few of these super hot fall shades so you can show them off to all of your friends as soon as the fall weather rolls around!

Exclusive Pomegranate Nail Lacquer Review Back-to-Campus Sale!


If that one word doesn’t draw you in, then I don’t know what will.  In my last post I reviewed three stunning shades of Pomegranate Nail Lacquer, and now I have news of an amazing Back-to-Campus sale.  Buying new school supplies was always the most fun part of going back to school…so why can’t it be the same for nail polish as well?

From August 2nd to August 9th of 2012, customers will receive 30% off of any order they make on the Pomegranate Nail Lacquer website!  How do you do this?  By entering the code B2C8MPU5 during your checkout.  The most important note I have for you is to hurry up and order your Pomegranate polish as soon as possible, because the colors are available in limited quantities!  Remember that Pomegranate Nail Lacquer is 4-free…that’s a bonus too.

So everyone hurry on over to their website, and grab your favorite colors!  I know I will be picking up a few more for my collection!  Specifically these ones:


“Sizzling Sweet”

“Beach House”

“I Tap on Apps”

I absolutely adore this brand, and I am so glad that I found it and can share it with you, especially this exclusive sale!  Go and get your polish before I do!  🙂

Pomegranate Nail Lacquer Review

Well hello everyone!  I have just returned from Puerto Vallarta – and yes, I’m very tan and sunburned at the same time.

Today I have something really new and exciting for you here on Nails of Many Colors!  I will be doing my very first official review!  Ahhh!!!  I am so excited to show you these beautiful colors and this really cool new nail polish brand I’ve discovered.


Pomegranate Nail Lacquer was founded by Tina, a woman with a passion for polish and a self-proclaimed obsession with color!  The name of her polish brand was inspired by the fruit, which “jewel-like seeds add an amazing pop of color”.  All three of the polishes I received were definitely a pop of color, and I have never seen anything like them before!  One of the best things about Pomegranate Nail Lacquer?  They are 4-free and don’t test on animals!


The three colors I received were “Enchanted Lagoon”, “Velvet Lounge”, and “Persimmon”.


This is “Enchanted Lagoon”, a springy green creme.  It was pretty opaque in two coats (which is what I used in the photos below), but you can always do three coats just to be sure!  This polish is amazing, it goes on perfectly smooth and I had no problems whatsoever!  However, if you are going to inspect my nails below, don’t be too harsh!  Immediately after painting them my mom got a phone call that my step-dad had been in a car accident and I had to rush over to the hospital!  He is perfectly fine, he got really lucky – but that is why there might be some imperfections.




Oh…this is just my really pretty ring that I got in Mexico!  It matched with the polish so I figured I’d show you all.  🙂



“Velvet Lounge” is the perfect purple.  It is so deep and is a pure purple without being black.  I actually did not own a purple that I actually liked prior to this polish, and this is absolutely perfect.  This is two coats, and like “Enchanted Lagoon” it went on smooth with no problems!





“Persimmon” is described on the website as a pinkish-orange with gold shimmer, but honestly I don’t see any pink!  It is just a light orange with a light gold shimmer!  This is the shade I was most excited about, because the only oranges I own are neons.  This looks great on tan skin and isn’t too-too bright.  It took three coats to be perfectly opaque, but I didn’t mind the extra coat because I love the color so much!




All three of the Pomegranate Nail Lacquer shades went on perfectly smooth, and the colors in the bottle looked exactly like the colors on the website.  I feel like sometimes that isn’t the case, and you end up getting colors you didn’t really expect.  You can only get these polishes online at right now, but they are absolutely worth it!  Each polish is $9.00, and there are 16 amazing shades to choose from.

Right now I am wearing Persimmon and I can’t stop staring at my nails!  It is so shimmery and gorgeous, and I’ll be going to San Jose and Santa Cruz this week so I can’t wait to show everyone that I will be visiting!

Go check out the website, hurry!  What colors are you interested in?  Which of these three is your favorite?!
What is on your nails right now?!

*These products were sent to me for my review.  This is my honest opinion!