I’ll Wear It, Even If It’s Out of Style: Dollish Polish “What’s This? What’s This?” Swatch

Now I know it’s not Halloween anymore (thank the high heavens), but that doesn’t mean that polishes I bought that were themed around Halloween aren’t cool anymore.  Plus, this polish could be considered Halloween or Christmas.  😉

So I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite Halloween/Christmas movies is The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I’m obsessed with Tim Burton films because they are dark and hilarious, and the art is just so inspiring.  When I found out that Dollish Polish had an entire collection centered around this movie, I literally jumped out of my seat.  However, on a college budget, I couldn’t afford to buy every single polish like I wanted to, or even a couple.

Then…one magical day, Dollish Polish announced on Facebook that she was selling her Halloween polishes at discounted polishes until they ran out.  I was at work at the time, but I hopped on Facebook and tried to add the one I had my eye on into my cart…of course, there were none left.  Just like I did with “Team Salvatore”, I kept trying to add it to my cart until finally, I GOT ONE!  Yes!

So here I have for you is Dollish Polish “What’s This?  What’s This?” over Pomegranate Nail Lacquer’s Velvet Lounge, one of my favorite purples ever!  This is a complete glitter bomb full of tons of different colors and shapes of glitters: white hexes, white bars, orange hexes, green hexes, black hexes, black micro-glitters, purple hexes, purple squares, and black square glitters!  WOW!



I have seen this polish over black, but there are black glitters in this polish that I really wanted to try and show!
It took a little bit of dabbing and placement, but it was absolutely worth it!  I got so many complements on this glitter and when I told them it was Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired, they all were not surprised!



Dollish Polish did a really good job of creating her polishes to be themed around The Nightmare Before Christmas, and she has definitely created some one-of-a-kind polishes that you will never find anywhere else.  I don’t believe that she is selling them anymore, but if you were lucky enough to get one I’m interested to see which is your favorite!  Do you love Tim Burton movies as much as I do?

What’s on your nails right now?  Will you continue to wear your favorite Halloween polishes far after the holiday?
I know I will!