I remember my first attempt at nail art like it was yesterday – Christmas themed half-red and half-green nails.

My whole life, I was a nail biter.  When I discovered the fun in nail polish and began experimenting with the endless possibilities, I decided it would be worthwhile to stop biting my nails and start painting them instead.  Now I find myself changing my polish two to three times a week – crazy, I know.

In this day and age where nail blogs rule a (small but very important) part of the internet, painting your nails has become more than just a “girl thing”.  Nail art and the endless array of colors available serves as a form of expression for many girls around the world.  Whether you’re just a one color kind of girl or you like to be detailed and extravagant,
nail art gives you the creative freedom to do whatever you please.

My intention with this blog is just to share ideas with other people that love nail art as much as I do.
It may seem crazy, but think of it this way: some people dye their hair to express themselves.
I just use nail polish (which is less permanent because I change my mind often, haha).

I hope you enjoy browsing around this blog, and if you have any tips, tricks, or ideas you want to share, I’m all ears!


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